Most Dedicated Pokémon Go Is This Grandpa With 11 Devices

I often passes my local parks seeing some Pokémon Go players with two-three devices on the same game. I thought they were insane and a little too feverish about this game. Well, I guess I have seen nothing yet because, there is one person who takes the passion of catching Pokémon monsters to the super […]

Pokémon Arrives To Italian Streetwear, Courtesy Of GCDS

You know that the Pokémon fad hasn’t die when it starts appearing in apparels and on an esteemed fashion event like the Milan Fashion Week. Well, this was exactly happened and it was GCDS who has brought to the table some really cool and somewhat goofy Pokémon-themed fashion pieces. As it turns out, the Italian […]

Nintendo Announced Special Edition Pokémon: Let’s Go Switch Console

Thanks to Pokémon Go, gamers realized that Pokémon is a game best played everywhere. However, that does not stop Nintendo from riding on the still-hot Pokémon hype and go back to its RPG root with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!. Similarly, that did stop it from doling out a Nintendo Switch Pikachu […]

This Poké Ball Won’t Hold Monsters, But It Sure Will Contain Your Lunch

The Pokémon fad may seems to be faded, but it really has not. I still see many people, young and old, filling out the parks every now and then to catch digital creatures lurking in the wild. Well, for these people, they are probably the ones feverish enough to want this: Poké Ball Lunch Case, […]

Nintendo Poké Ball Plus Lets You Catch Pokémon Like It Was Meant To Be

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Switch accessory that will boost the realism of Pokémon experience. Meet the Poké Ball Plus, an actual Poké Ball that lets you catch Pokémon like it was meant to be, i.e. throwing it at the Pokémon and not swiping your finger on a touch display. But that is as […]

Wireless Charging Your Smartphone Is Finally A Cute Thing To Do With Pikachu

Technology should not be too serious. In addition to functional, it should be fun. It should be fun like Pokemon famous monster Pikachu. It should fun like the Pikachu Wireless Charger by TeknFun. I mean, seriously, almost everyone can make a wireless charger, but to make them fun to use, is not everyone’s forte. Fortunately, […]