Since we are on the topic of KFC China, we would like to bring your attention to another promo that will make Pokémon fans outside of China green with envy. In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, KFC China has introduced a KFC Spring Festival Pokémon Super Family Meal which includes an adorable Pikachu-themed children’s backpack.

KFC x Pokemon Pikachu Backpack Gift with Purchase

It is a hardshell backpack in Pikachu yellow and brown colorway. In addition to obvious Pikachu colorways, it further features adorable Pokémon stripes on the front of the backpack, a Pikachu bag tag, and his signature lightning tail. The latter is adjustable with 3 positions.

The bag further features a nylon carry handy up top, wide padded adjustable shoulder straps, and a compartmentalized interior.

The KFC Spring Festival Pokémon Super Family Bucket which includes chicken tenders, a sandwich, a burger, nuggets, a wrap, a pie, a tart, and drinks, cost 149 RMB (which works out to be around 22 USD).

The price is inclusive of the said bag. The fine prints are too small to read on my tiny laptop but I believe the bag would be while stocks last.

KFC Pokémon toys

In related news… KFC collab with Pokémon does not stop there. There are some Pokémon toys with the Spring Festival Toy Set Meals too. I am pretty sure some of them will turn up on eBay soon enough. There is also a Psyduck-themed reusable straw too that is only available with the Psyduck Double Burger Meal.

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Finally, there is a pair of Pokémon lanterns. This is kind of odd because hand-carried lanterns are usually synonymous with the lantern festival which is in the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Then again, lanterns are often associated with most festival decorations and so I guess it is not weird? I think?

Anyhoo, the lantern is offered in two designs. There is the Pikachu (but of course) and then there is the Magikarp. The lanterns are available with the 109 RMB (about US$16) Spring Festival Pokémon Family Meal.

KFC Pokémon Lanterns

Images: Weibo (KFC) [CH].

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