Piñata is for all ages, but is it really? Do you, as a grown up, want chocolate and sweets to rain down on you? Surely you have grown past those sweet stuff, right? That said, if you have stopped having the sweet tooth, then I suppose Piñata is out for you. Then again, not if the Piñata is Nipyata! which is basically Piñata for the grown ups, or to be precise, for booze-loving adults. It works just like any Piñata and comes in an assorted forms, but instead of sweet stuff that could send your sugar level skyrocketing, it is filled with assortment of liquor-filled mini plastic bottles, along with assorted candy like Skittles, Starburst, Gummy Lifesavers and more to sweeten the deal.

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You hit it with all your might like you would with any Piñata and as a reward for your physical exertion, small bottles of alcohol beverage will rain upon you (with the said candies). Nipyata! is said to bring about good luck and ward off evil forces*. And we were told, getting tipsy is one of the beneficial side effect, which sounds like more than just awesome to us. Finally, adult’s party can be fun again. Though we wish it could be completely filled with mini bottles and no candies. Prices start at $94.99, but if you are up for the spicy variety which packs Fireball Whisky, schnapps and tequila, you can bag one for just $79 from Laughing Squid store (not affiliated, btw). If it’s a deal, we thought you should know about it.

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*no scientific evidence to suggest so.

Nipyata, Lifestyle Accessories, Alcohol Beverages,

Nipyata! via Laughing Squid

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