It’s Official. It Is The End Of The Road For Sony Playstation Vita

It looks like smartphone has claimed another victim: Sony Playstation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s portable gaming device which was just in its 2nd generation. To be fair, smartphone hasn’t really caused any real “fatality” until now. PS Vita may be the first to be directly affected by the surge of mobile gaming on smartphone and […]

If Nintendo Ever Want To Reboot The GameBoy, The Flex Should Be It

With the introduction of Nintendo Switch more in 2016, you know very well that Nintendo won’t be reviving its iconic portable gaming device, GameBoy, because, Switch is in itself both a console and a portable gaming device. A modern GameBoy won’t happen despite the tidal wave of nostalgia by gamers all over the world. Many […]

Here’s An iPhone Case That Is Also A Functional Game Boy Gaming Device

Remember the Smartboy? The April’s Fool joke gadget accessory from Hyperkin that turned into a real product, allowing you to relive your Game Boy days right on your smartphone? Well, here’s another. Officially known as Wanle Gamers Console for iPhone (though we’d call it Wanle Functional Game Boy Case for iPhone), it is a tad […]

This Nintendo-Inspired Gaming Device Is Modular, Can Do More Than Gaming

Rejoice, tinkerers with the love for retro gaming, specifically portable gaming. Clockwork Tech has announced a new piece of gadget that will satisfy both your love for retro gaming on-the-go and the need to tinker. Called GameShell, it is a modular retro game console that not only allows you to play retro games, it is […]

R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Has A Big Brother That Lets Two Game Together

Take your love for arcade gaming anywhere with the Cary42, a portable arcade gaming device created by the very talented Love Hulten. Inspired by attaché cases, the Cary42 is the updated big brother of the R-Kaid-R from a few years ago. Not only is it larger, it is also a tad more ‘sociable’ now because […]

This GameBoy-inspired Handheld Gaming Device Packs A Cool 300 Titles

You know how is it like. You enjoy the myriad of modern day games like Minecraft, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenary on your modern day PS Vita, but at the back of your head, you still relish your days fixated on pixelated games. We are talking about games like Contra, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and […]

Mind-blown: Keychain Size DIY Game Boy Color Actually Works!

What can a brilliant electronics and software tinkerer who has a specially affinity for the classic Game Boy portable gaming device do? I don’t know. Maybe cobbled up a what could be the world’s smallest and functional Game Boy Color? Well, as it turns out, that was exactly what Jeroen Domburg, the man behind Sprite_tm, […]

Switch, Nintendo’s New Game Console Merges Home And Mobile Gaming

There was a time when game console market was dominated by Playstation and Xbox (it is still so), Nintendo differentiated itself with Wii, and subsequently Wii U, which were consoles that stood out with motion-controlled gaming. However, that key selling point didn’t quite hold up the fort, much less breach the walls held high by […]

Smartboy, The Case That Turns Smartphone Into A GameBoy Is Real!

Remember, Smartboy? The April’s Fools joke which Hyperkin decided to turn into a real world product? Well, as it turns out, it is a real thing now. That took quite a while; it’s more than a year since the tease, but I guess for GameBoy fans, it is better late than never. According to the […]

Guy Turned Tiny Dummy Gameboy Into Functioning Gameboy Color Nano

Can a non-functioning toy Game Boy given by Burger King back the 2000 of any use? Of course, not. It was a dummy and on top of that, it was super tiny, but that doesn’t mean it can never ever – as proven by Redditor ChaseLambeth who, despite the tiny size of the said ‘Game […]