Anker Has The First Nintendo Switch-certified Portable Charger

We don’t need to tell you obvious caveat of portable gadgets. If you need a gentle reminder, then the caveat would be those gadgets will run out of juice. The groundbreaking console/handheld gaming device hybrid, Nintendo Switch, is no exception. Thankfully, solution exists to keep it juice on the go, but there aren’t one that’s […]

Movie Prop Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite Now As A Power Bank

In the galaxy far, far away, the power is in the Force, but in this real world where our lives pretty much depend on smartphones, power is in the power bank. This is why, real world folks like you and me ought to have the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Power Bank in your […]

AmpPack Packs A Power Bank, Wireless Earbuds Into An iPhone Case

While cool, wireless earbuds also bring about new sets of inconvenience. Inconveniences such as one more thing to charge and carry, and the risk of losing the earbuds because of the former. As weird as it is, an integrated Apple AirPods case might have solved those “inconveniences” and now, there is the Ascape AmpPack for […]

A High-tech Wireless Hair Straightener Appeared On Xiaomi’s Crowdfunding Platform, YouPin

Xiaomi is no longer a name associated with just smartphones and tablets. It has even transcend laptop computer and all things computing. It does what many tech company won’t do and never will do, and that is making itself a provision of mixed goods and gadgets. It has myriad of products you won’t expect from […]

This Is Gooloo G2000, It Can Jump Start A Car From Within The Car

Portable car jump starter that also doubles as a power bank is not the newest news, but one that lets you jump start a car from within the car? Well, that’s something new to us and exactly what jump starter maker Gooloo G2000 proposed to do. Instead of stepping outside of the car and brave […]

This Overwatch D.Va White Rabbit Prop Gun Is Also Power Bank Incognito

Prop guns are, well, just prop guns, and they are destined for display, but the Overwatch D.Va White Rabbit Prop Gun from Dimension Technology you see here is not just for display. It has two other interesting proposition. It could be an accessory to your D.Va cosplay getup and it is also a power bank […]

Mophie’s New USB-C Power Bank Can Give Your MacBook A Full Charge

Thanks to the advancement in battery technology, we are free worry of not running out of juice even for gadgets as big as a laptop. The Mophie powerstation AC is one of those power bank to benefit from these tech advancement. Packing a whopping 22,000 mAh and featuring a USB-C port that boasts 30W USB-PD […]

This Is X6, Possibly The World’s Most Versatile USB-C PD Power Bank

As you own more and more gadgets, you find that the power bank you bought a couple of years ago quickly become obsolete. Not only that, you will find yourself owning more than one power bank, just to keep the gadgets happy and topped when on-the-go. I say, why bother? Just get yourself a Zendure […]

With Polatap, Traveling With Your Gadgets Will Never Be A Mess Again

Unlike our forebears, modern day travelers have more to pack than mere essentials like garments and toiletries. We have gadgets and their associated accessories too. These modern nomads’ necessary evils have always make my suitcase feels messy and I thought this is it, we have to live with it, but as it turns out, we […]

Tesla Made A Power Bank That Packs The Same Cell Used On Tesla Vehicles

For a company who is particularly proud of its battery cell technology, it only makes sense that the company also turns out devices that charge other things other than cars. We are talking about Tesla – the one company that arguably changes the way we look at electric vehicle. For the uninitiated, Tesla is not […]