Samsung Reveals Prototype Phone With Folding Display

As expected, Samsung has revealed its take on folding phone. There’s no actual phone to show off per se; instead, the device Samsung show off on stage at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco is a prototype that, IMHO, looks a little too clunky (but strangely alluring. Oops). But it is a working […]

Samsung Has Just Announced A Four-Camera Galaxy Smartphone. Four!

Who would have thought that the three-camera Samsung Galaxy A7 announced last month was a prelude something even mind-blowing? I am talking about the just-announced Samsung Galaxy A9 which packs not two, not three, but four freaking cameras around the back. Four! Imagine that. Suddenly, it makes Light Camera’s ambitious 9-camera smartphone plausible. Anyways, wasting […]

Samsung Quietly Surprised The Market With A 3-Camera Galaxy A7

At this point, there are only two mainstream smartphones that has a three-camera setup. They are the Huawei P20 Pro and the Porsche Design Mate RS. Both devices are in the flagship realm which means they are not cheap (especially, the Mate RS). But fret not if you a Samsung fan who is down with […]

Samsung’s First Thunderbolt 3 Portable SSD: Too Fast, Too Gorgeous

It has been a long while since we seen any portable storage as ‘sleek’ and this long while has been interrupted by Samsung Portable SSD X5. One look and you will know why. Aesthetically, it is not your typical squared off storage; it has curves that seem to suggest a sports car vibe to it. […]

Samsung Unveiled 34″ Thunderbolt 3 Curved Monitor At IFA 2018

Who will say no to a beautiful computer monitor? I mean, after all, it is the very thing you stare at when working on a computer. If you are as concern about the aesthetic and features like myself do, then the Samsung CJ79 Curved Monitor is the go to computer monitor. Billed as the world’s […]

While The Market Is Still Catching Up With 4K TV, 8K TV Is Already Here

While consumers are still in the process of catching up with 4K TV, Samsung is already in the future with 8K TV. You heard that right. 8K! That’s a whopping 7,680 x 4,320 pixels – double that of the resolution of the already eye-watering 4K UHD. So yeah, 8K is upon us and from here […]

Samsung Ventures Into Premium Audio With Two Harman Kardon Co-branded Sound Bars

What’s your impression of Samsung’s audio equipment? Good, but hardly deemed high-end or audiophile-grade, right? Well, that should change with its two new sound bars, developed in collaboration with audio equipment specialist, Harman Kardon. The pair, designated HW-N950 and HW-N850, are described as co-branded premium sound bars that flaunt Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio technology […]

Nieuwe Mobiel Show Off Foldable Samsung Concept Phone, ‘Galaxy F’

Samsung has long rumored to be working on a real world foldable smartphone. Not the clamshell phone, or flip phone, btw. It would be an actual folding screen device. In case you still wrapping your head around how it will look like, well, do that no more because, Netherlands’ phones and tablets comparison website, Nieuwe […]

2 New Samsung Galaxy Tablets: One For Work, One Family Entertainment

Prior to the UNPACKED event where the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 and the new Galaxy Watch were announced, Samsung has unveiled two new Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S4, without much fanfare. With smartphones so capable these days, it seems like tablets aren’t get as much love, but anyways, here […]

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch Has Over 80 Hours Of Battery Life

Smartwatch, while helpful, can be quite a pain as it need to be charged fairly regularly unlike non-smart watches. But with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, you won’t have to. Announced today, this latest wearable tech from the South Korean tech giant now touts over 80 hours of battery life and thanks to the LTE […]