Wait. Is McDonald’s Poking Fun At Balenciaga Square-toe Leather Mules?

The age of Internet has progress from information/disinformation to individual trolling individual to this: business trolling another business. Case-in-point: McDonald’s Sweden French Fry Carton Shoes. McDonald’s Sweden has posted on its Instagram page two weeks ago a person wearing a pair of footwear that appears to be made from the familiar red French fry cartons.

Creepy Stiletto Is The Result When Body Modification Becomes Fashion

Think future fashion, I’d imagine something like The Island (2005, Dreamworks Pictures) where everyone dressed in uniform garments, but that’s just me. Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran of Montreal-based art studio Fecal Matter, on the other hand, thinks future fashion will be influence by body modifications. To demonstrate their idea, the duo collaborated […]

Felts Merino Shoes Keeps Your Feet Warm When Cold And Cool When Hot

TBH, I am the person who are drawn to wool products, but the sleek lines of the Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes had me at hello. Yes, yes. It popped up in our inbox, but it has to be attractive enough in both looks and features to get us wanting to share it with your […]

Sony Partners New Balance To Put e-Paper On This Concept Sneakers

Sony, if you haven’t already heard, wants to dabble beyond electronics. It is taking a dip into the fashion world too, starting with the FES Watch U and this: a pair of sneakers called 247 v2 Concept by New Balance. OK. Maybe Sony is not expanding into fashion. What it really wants is to showcase […]

New Balance Japan Releasing Super Dope Evangelion-themed Sneakers

Fans of Evangelion is going to dig this. New Balance Japan has announced a collaborative sneakers collection with the cult mecha anime. Yes! It is happening… again! And boy, are those shoes looking super dope! I am totally all over even though I know very well I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on […]

Meet Runway Heels, The World’s First Stilettos With Retractable Heels

Here’s a creation for ladies who need to wear high heels. I know it is no fun tip-toeing all day, but hey, if you have to wear it, you have to wear it. But your legs need rest and neither can you drive with heels. Well, at least without risks. The solution? Bring an additional […]

Jada Dubai’s Passion Diamond Shoes Is The World’s Most Expensive At $17M

Would you drop, say, thousands, for a pair of heels? Probably not, but hey, the mindset of the richie rich is beyond an apartment-dwelling, commoner like me. Folks who swim in vault of cash probably has no qualm about splurging tens of thousands on a pair of high heels, but $17 million? Well, that is, […]

Adidas Is Giving You A Reason To Buy All Seven Dragon Ball Z Shoes

Adidas is giving Dragon Ball Z’s fans a good reason to acquire all seven Adidas Dragon Ball Z sneakers from the soon-to-be-available Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collection. According to a report, all seven of the manga-themed shoes are confirmed to hit the shelves starting September 29 in a staggered release. Goku’s Adidas ZX 500 RM […]

New Movements Sneakers Is Classy, Sustainable And Made In Europe

Forget about big brand name sneakers if you are all about sustainability. Instead, you should look to kicks like the New Movements Sustainable Sneakers because, sustainability. While some big brands are embroiled in controversy such as terrible work conditions, underpaid workers and questionable manufacturing process, Norwegian New Movements promised the use of recycled, as well […]

You Can Wear NASA On Your Feet With This Mercer Amsterdam Sneaker

Only a handful have the privilege of stepping into space. Some chose to work for space agencies like NASA to fulfill their wish to be involved in space explorations, but really, what are the odds of you working in NASA? There’s a simpler way actually to show your love for all-thing space, though, and that […]