Seawolf Will Take Your GoPro 10m Deep into the Ocean to Capture Underwater Footages

GoPro has seen wide applications, but one place it hasn’t quite been to is the deep blue sea. Not surprisingly cos’ not everyone is keen in taking the dive to capture some awesome underwater footages. However, with the TTRobotix TTR-SB Seawolf Submarine for GoPro, the world’s most used action camera can finally reach deep into […]

U.S. Navy’s New Underwater Robot Takes On The Likeness of a Shark and Behaves Like One Too

When you are spying on someone (not that you should, really), the last thing you want is to spook your subject with the obvious. That said, we can see why some military is so keen in developing intelligence-gathering unmanned vehicle in the likeness animals. Ok, may be such biomimicry is not solely for deception; it […]

U-Boat Worx’s New HP Sport Sub 2 is a $1.35M “Subsea Ferrari”

One can hardly consider submarine ‘sporty’, but Dutch submersible maker U-Boat Worx begs to differ. Their newest entrant, the U-Boat Worx HD Sport Sub 2, is a 2-person submersible which the company bills as the “subsea-Ferrari”. Well, it is not going to rocket you to 55 knots in seconds like a Ferrari per se, but […]

DeepFlight Has a New Hover-capable Submarine and It Is Called Dragon

for decades, man have soar across the sky, but the thing is, there is really nothing to see up there. it’s just blue sky (or black if its night time), clouds and more clouds, which is why flying is pretty much relegated to transportation. so if you want some seriously mind-blowing sightseeing beyond land, then […]

The Exosuit by Nuytco Research

the impressive Exosuit from Vancouver-based Nuytco Research you see here is the real life Hydro Armor Iron Man suit aka Deep Submergence Suit. however, it does not have revolutionary propulsion system that will enable it to rocket out of the water and take flight, neither does it have repulsor or rockets, but it is capable of…

Travel: Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway

forget about mile high club; the new black in luxury travel is going deep down, into the the blue and we are not even talking about scuba diving. we are talking about Luxury Submarine Underwater Getaway, known as Lover’s Deep, by offered up by UK-based Oliver’s Travels. your fellow richie rich may have…

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5

what could put a glee on an ordinary grown man’s face? perhaps, everything that ranges from autos, gadgets, women and the likes. basically, things that are easily within grasp with some patience, coaxing and/or a bit of saving. now. what could make a filthy rich dude gleaming with excitement? we are not quite sure but we think a Maybach Excelero that looks like a Gotham City ride…

Juliet Marine Systems GHOST

you won’t be able buy one, much less ride in one, well, unless you are in the U.S. Navy or something but also, that would take quite a while to realize. what you see here is the world’s first “super-cavitating” craft known as GHOST, a vehicle that looks like it has been taken right out of a science friction movie and it has the technology…

Seabreacher Y Killer Whale Submarine

man has long been fascinated by how birds are able to flap their wings to take flight and how the ghost knifefish can cuts through the water so effortlessly. while we can’t actually fly by flapping anything, we can at least dive and roll in the open…