Original Series Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator and Other Stuff That Beckons You to Part with Your Money

While modern mobile phone may not surpass the tech of the fictional Star Trek Communicator, it is nevertheless an achievement of mankind. But fans won’t be amused, because even the most similar looking cell, the Motorola StarTac, looks nothing like the beauty as seen in The Original Series. Disgruntled? Well, you shouldn’t be because a […]

This Phaser Replica Lets You Switch Channels Like A U.S.S. Enterprise Crew

Trekkies rejoice! your dream of a functional Phaser is finally going to be a reality, well, except that this replica here does will not stun hostile alien lifeforms, but instead, it will let you switch TV channels like a (Star Trek) boss. i repeat. it will not maim or kill. described as an “exceptionally accurate […]

10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

whether you just need an unusual remote control or a huge Whovian, we are sure the 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote is set to please. as a remote, it is totally capable of controlling nearly any Earth-based electronics that uses infrared and uses fancy gestured to do so. and if that isn’t enough

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

tired of messing around with too many remotes? or simply frustrated with all the nonsensical happenings around the world and wish you could save the world? good news fellow earthlings cos’ the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control can now be your earthly possession that could aid you in doing those, i mean, consolidating…