Meet Thuraya X5-Touch, The First Android Satellite Smartphone

If you are going off the grid, especially to areas that are harsher than the usual urban settings (such as an oil rig, for example), you are going to need more than just a smartphone with satellite add-on. Even a satellite phone won’t be suffice. What you need is the power of smartphone and satellite […]

Thuraya XT-PRO Advanced Satellite Phone – The Gadget You Want to Have When in the Middle of Nowhere

When you are in the middle of nowhere, your typical cellphone is as good as brick. That said, if you anticipate that you may be heading to no man’s land, a satellite phone is your only hope of any communication with the greater world. However, in such scenario, you wouldn’t trust your life to any […]

Thuraya SatSleeve Satellite Adaptor for iPhone

expecting yourself to be in some god forsaken remote location where your beloved world phone aka iPhone won’t be catching to any signal? well, if you have some 500 greenbacks to splurge, then get this Thuraya SatSleeve Satellite Adaptor for iPhone which will turn your otherwise regular iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, into a full-fledge