Hasbro Transformers Platinum Edition Trypticon On Sale For Almost $50 Less

In this week’s “don’t say we did not tell you,” Hasbro’s Transformers Platinum Edition Trypticon Figure is now on sale on Amazon, priced at $120.21. It is not exactly a fire-sale sticker, but considering that it originally cost $169.99, you are getting quite a saving of nearly 50 bucks. Top that off with free shipping […]

Father And Son Turn A LADA Into A Transformers That Shoots Real Guns

If you visit Asia, you find a lot of interesting knock off toys and among them, was an interesting take of Transformers. Usually it comes as a battery-operated toy car that transforms into a rolling robot at some point as it travel. It was based on this toy which he came across during a visit […]

Did You Know Xiaomi Has A Tablet That Is Also A Transformers Robot?

Yes. There is a ‘transforming’ Xiaomi tablet, but it is not kind of transformer tablet you may have imagined. It’s a toy, which is what makes it so interesting. Seriously, I don’t know how we managed to miss this exciting news when it was out last year. But hey, you know what they say? It’s […]

New Hasbro Transformers Decepticon City Action Figure Is 20 Inches Huge!

If there’s one thing about the good’ol Transformers, i.e. the 80s cartoon variety, which boggles my mind is how the heck the huge-ass Decepticon, the equivalent of Autobot’s Metroplex, Trypticon, is not a human-like robot but a dinosaur (specifically, a T-rex)? This question lingered in my mind for quite sometime and gradually took a backseat […]

Of Course Optimus Amazon Prime Costume Is A Win Because, Prime

No, that’s not a pre-CGI-skinned Optimus Prime – that’s Caron Arnold, creative director of St. Louis-based marketing agency, Fusion Marketing, behind the costume she made using only Amazon Prime boxes. How fitting! You know, Amazon Prime and Optimus Prime? Get it? Get it? Anywho, with the Amazon Prime boxes she has amassed over god-knows-for-how-long and […]

Turkey Company Turned A BMW Into A Real-life, Transforming Transformers

Good news! Transformers is very real! And the not so good news is, while the transforming BMW coupe, called Letrons, you see here does transform like the movies’ Transformers with sound effect to boot, it can’t walk like bipeds do and it isn’t very much articulated either – saved for the servo-powered rotating wrist, head […]

Digitally Rendered LEGO Transformers T-Rex Grimlock Have To Be Made!

LEGO Digital Designer has come a long way. The last time I used it, I thought simple LEGO set is all it can do and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea it is capable of building exceedingly complex projects such as the one you see here, the T-Rex Grimlock, the leader of the […]

This Image Of The New Decepticons Barricade Tells Us He Is One Bad Cop

I can’t think of anyone would be a fan of Barricade. Wait, what. Barricade, who? Well, that would be the villain aka Decepticons from the first Transformers movie. Barricade was first seen in 2007 sci-fi/fantasy flick and oh yeah, it was that menacing police car that relentless pursuit Sam Witwicky, otherwise known as his eBay […]

Someone Turned Transformers Bumblebee Into A Prime And It Looks Awesome

A bumblebee will always be a bumblebee. It can never be a hornet. What I am trying to say is, in the case of Transformers, the organic transforming robot hero Bumblebee can never be a Prime. He is like a serious workhorse, a loyal follower of the good who can be pretty immature at times […]

Japanese Inventors Created a Real Working Transformers Robot

Lesson of the day: Do not sneer at sci-fi movies no matter how ridiculous the ideas might be. Why? Because, it might just turned into reality in your lifetime. Such is the case with Transformers, which is widely considered as mechanically impossible, or is it? Maybe not. Japanese inventors Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of […]