Flaunce Hits Up Kickstarter To Realize High-Fidelity Turntables

While the debate of whether records can ever be audiophile-grade continues, the fact remains that this evergreen, black grooved vinyl platter has outlived, outlast audio cassette, video cassette, 8-track tape, and even modern media storages like CDs and the ill-fated mini-disc. It’s quite feat for a 70-year-old invention, which kind of hint there’s some truth […]

Sony Adds Hi-Res Audio Turntable That Touts LP-To-Digital Capability

For some reasons, after 8-track and cassette tapes were booted, vinyl refuses to let up – thanks to the growing number vinyl record collectors with an undying love for LPs. While a handful of makers are churning out turntables to keep vinyl lovers happy, Sony is not about to sit back and watch its competitors […]

Panasonic Wants to Go Back to Analog Sound with New Technics Turntables

Among the analog medias, vinyl seems to have survived the onslaught of digital medias. In fact, it was the opposite; vinyl proves to be rather resilient media and have seen continual increase in sale in recent years, breaking 9 million mark in 2014 and that must have given Panasonic enough reasons to toy with the […]

Floating Record Player Breaks Tradition, Plays Your Vinyl Vertically

Turntable was so named because it turns a record on a table like device. The Floating Record Vertical Turntable by Gramovox though technically is a turntable, is quite unlike any vinyl player you have seen thus far. It defies gravity and spin your black, groove-cover plastic disc vertically. And that my friend, is something of […]

You Can Turn Analog Albums into Digital Files with this Victoria-style Speaker System

Still holding on to some good’ol medias like cassette tapes, CDs (yes, they are old too) and vinyl records? If you don’t already have a player for each of those type of medias and harbor the wish of feeling the warm offer by those older medias again, then Grace Digital Tunewriter III 7-in-1 Stereo Entertainment […]

Can Turntables Ever Be Audiophile-grade? Apparently, It Can With Pioneer’s New PL-30 Vinyl Turntable

In a world where digital music rein supreme, vinyl is still a much revered media. Especially so in recent years. Unlike cassette tapes, vinyl is not at the mercy of molding and even if molds get to it, it can be easily wipe off, but can this classic media be called audiophile-grade? Apparently, it can […]

The World’s Only Counterbalanced Turntable

if you are rocket scientist who loves vinyl records, then you are going to love what the world’s only counterbalanced turntable has to offer for your picky sound holes and with an asking price of $28,000, it is probably also the world’s only turntable with a ridiculously expensive price tag. similarly, the technical aspect of

The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio

unlike CDs, the sound from your vinyl records can turn out cold and crude or warm and sweet, depending on how good is your turntable. every vinyl record aficionados will tell you that the difference between a sweet tune and poor sound of a vinyl record is just a turntable away and it is not just the cartridge that matters – everything from the plinth to its construction to the…