So you love vinyls, but how strong is your love for the grooved plastic disc? Is it strong enough that you will want to cobble up a turntable? Oh, wait. You don’t have the know how? Neither do we, but soon, you and I could because a thing called Spinbox is coming to the market. Spinbox is record player that you will get to assemble yourself and it is made mostly out of high-quality, water resistant paper material similar to those used by Apple in product packaging.

Spinbox DIY Portable Turntable

Spinbox will have everything you need to put together a fully functional turntable, including components like the platter, tonearm, counterweight, stylus, the electronics, speakers, built-in amplifier, volume dial et cetera, and when assembled, it can playback 7-, 10- and 12-inch vinyls at multiple speeds. Apart from offering a sense of accomplishment in putting together a record player with your own hands, Spinbox is also totally portable, so you can take it to wherever the party is.

Spinbox DIY Portable Turntable

Interestingly, it is powered by any portable charger, or if you desire, a phone charger adapter, via a micro USB port and finally, it has provision for hooking with external speakers if that’s how you prefer to roll. Apparently, it has a Line In too, presumably to allow the onboard speakers to be used by other sources. In other words, Spinbox is everything a turntable should be and probably more, but surely, it won’t be of audiophile-grade and I sure it won’t be price so either.

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Speaking of which, we don’t really know the pricing at this point. If you are keen, you can sign up to be notified when Spinbox DIY Portable Turntable hits Kickstarter.

In the mean time, here’s a short product introduction video to entice you:

And here’s a short clip of the actual thing in action:

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Images: Spinbox.

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