Sony has announced a new turntable at CES 2019 that combines the best of wireless audio and the warm sound of the good’ol vinyl. Sporting a minimal yet sleek design, the Sony PS-LX310BT Wireless Turntable is outfitted with a Bluetooth module that allows it to playback your favorite records through any wireless speaker. I don’t know about you, but I seriously think the PS-LX310BT may be a dream come true to a lot of music lovers.

Sony PS-LX310BT Wireless Turntable

However, some may argue that the quality of wireless audio cannot and will never stack up with wired speakers, but hey, if it can yield a clean look with less cables to deal with, it is a win to me. I say this because I am sick and tire of dusting dirt off cables. Like, I seriously hate it. Besides, today’s Bluetooth technology is not like yesteryear’s. Plus, the old ears of mine wouldn’t make out the difference anyways, so it is not going to bother me.

Sony PS-LX310BT Wireless Turntable

In addition to Bluetooth, PS-LX310BT also features one-step auto playback where the tone arm automatically lowers to find the groove to get the music going and when it reaches the end, it will automatically returns to its rest position. However, for those who insists on going the wired route, physical audio cable connection is also available too. But seriously, why would any do that? Remember the ugly sight and the dust? Remember? Sorry. I do chores quite a bit and it is thing like this that really gets me. Lifting up the cables to vacuum and mop is no fun. Alright. Enough of my rant.

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Other features of the PS-LX310BT include three settings (low, mid and high) with GAIN SELECT, built-in Phono pre-amp, newly designed aluminum tone arm, aluminum diecast platter, vibration dampening slip mat, thick and sturdy dust cover, and our favorite feature of all: a built-in USB output for digitizing your favorite records’ output. Brilliant. All these goodness for just $199.99 (MSRP). Coming soon to select Sony authorized audio dealers near you this Spring.

All images courtesy of Sony UK.

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