Sony Marks 500 Million+ Playstation Sold With Translucent PS4 Pro

Colored Playstation game consoles are not new. Colored unit other than the standard colors (black and white) offered are usually in conjunction with game bundle (such as the red Marvel’s Spider-Man Edition we saw recently), but this one here is different. It is not a game bundle. It is a unit to mark over 500 […]

Sony Announces Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle

Sony still has the rights to Spider-Man and so, it is really no surprise that the electronics/entertainment giant is eager to promote Insomniac Games upcoming Spider-Man video game with a hardware/game bundle. The announcement was posted today (or yesterday, depending on where you are) on Playstation official blog. The Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro […]

Pre-order Opens For Atari Modern Day Connected Game Console, Atari VCS

Lo and behold. Atari is finally getting back into the game that it had once rein supreme. Now, please don’t ask why we have missed the announcement last year, but anyways, what matters here is, it is now a reality called Atari VCS. VCS here is, of course, the moniker once associated with the classic […]

Oh, Look. Commodore 64 Is Making A Comeback As A Mini Game Console

Mission A.D., California Games, Cyberdyne Warrior, Chips’ Challenge. If the mention of any of those titles sends a nostalgic feeling surging through you, then we are quite sure you are a fan of the Commodore 64. Yeah. That Commodore 64. The iconic single computer unit that managed to find its way to millions of homes […]

ColorWare ‘NES’ Joy Con, Colored Switch And Wolfenstein Consoles

Maybe I am not all into all things colored, but when the maestro of coloring gadgets posted a tweet of a Formula Red and Steel version of Nintendo’s latest game console, Switch, I am immediately sold. Indeed, as far as images go, steel color and red does look decidedly cool. No. In fact, it is […]

Nintendo To Sell Super Nintendo Classic Edition This September For $80

On one hand, Nintendo is trying its best to snag a bigger piece of the video game console pie from the two giants and on the other, it has been rebooting its classic video game console in miniature proportion to please nostalgic gamers and it must been something of a success because it this other […]

Xstation Is When Slim Xbox One Marries Playstation 4 Slim

If you are not a fanboy of any particular game console, you’d be torn like Sheldon did in Big Bang Theory when it comes to purchasing one. The simplest solution? Buy both, but just make sure you have an extra HDMI input in your home entertainment center and also spaces for both hardware. Or you […]

Look! Here’s A Fully Functional Microwave That Plays Games Too

In segment called Fuze’s Invention Show, or FISH, British mad garage inventor Colin Furze takes up the challenge of inventing something to solve problems pitched by fans. Late last May, something very interesting popped up. A fan by the moniker of Board Chefs, AKA Dan Ibstons, (who is not quite a chef but a car […]

Microsoft Project Scorpio Is Now Officially Xbox One X

Good news, fans of Xbox. The much anticipated Project Scorpion is now officially known as Xbox One X and it will be available starting November 7, 2017, priced at $499.99. Billed as the world’s most powerful console, Microsoft’s new flagship console is said to be “40 percent more power than any console,” promising to offer […]

North America Gets Gold Playstation 4 While EU Gets The Silver Edition

Wherever there’s a special or limited edition gadget, I always wonder if it is targeted at existing owners or it is aimed at new buyers? I mean, like for example, the just announced Gold and Silver Limited Edition Sony Playstation 4 game console destined for the North America and the E.U. market, respectively. And yup. […]