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(doodled by mike.)
i had a scare of my life when i, momentarily, failed to read from my Network Attached Storage (NAS). this incident prompted me with this question: do i need to back-up my back-ups as well? if so, is there an end to it (the back-up)? really, reliability is the issue here. how much can we trust the product that we bought to back-up our data?

i had a nasty experienced with a desktop hard drive a couple of years ago. i had tons of data in it and one fine day (in fact, just a few days after the purchase), it just quit on me. i brought it to the service center and all i got was a one-to-one exchange with no effort to retrieve my data. as a result, i lost many design stuff that i have done. do i really have to back-up my external storage as well? hence, it could be a case of ‘back-up to infinity’. what’s your thought?

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