the biggest orders of Microsoft Surface used in karaoke bar [videos]

Microsoft Surface used in HK Red MR karaoke bar 544px
(image credit: M.I.C.Gadget)

check this out. Microsoft Surface finally sees practical use in Hong Kong Red MR karaoke bar. Red MR has 80 units of the Microsoft Surface in 80 of its karaoke rooms and with plan to increase to 300 units in future. it should be the biggest order for the Microsoft Surface to date.

i guess Microsoft will be proud to know at least their Surface is seeing some real use in the commercial sector. though the order number of 80 is hardly considered ‘big’ in commercial sense, but still it is a start. we are more than excited to see things going towards the REAL future. well, we don’t need to detail further, check out the videos below and witness for yourself.

via M.I.C.Gadget

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