The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe

The creator of The Portal, Jupe which comprises former Tesla and SpaceX designers, takes call of the nature to the next level of classiness. That’s right, my friends. The mirror-finished, shiny geometric thingy right smack in the middle of the woods is a restroom, or a porta potty, to be precise.

The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe

The Portal is a super high-class and high-tech porta potty and as tempting as you may want to think it is an audacious concept, it is not. The Portal is real and available to buy or rent (but it is quite audacious for a porta potty, though). But more on that in a minute.

As you can see, The Portal elevates the concept of a porta-potty to a point that you didn’t think of it as one. When placed in the woods, it looks like some sinister dimension that appears in the wood like some sci-fi TV shows or movies, if you know what I mean. Because of its reflective finish, it appears to melt into the environment it is in.

The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe
The Portal is not that kind of Portal. So poop and pee will not be teleported to somewhere else.

Instead of a boring box, The Portal has a trapezium and an interior that is three times the size of a regular portable toilet. While the outside is spaceship-like, the inside is clean and minimal and all white.

There is an instant-on LED track lighting recessed and wrapping the ceiling that turns the inside like daylight (another sci-fi cue, if I may add). In addition, the roof has an oval cutout, known as Sky Portal, that turns the sky into a canvas and also lets light in during the day.

The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe

To the front, it has a two-way mirrored glass that offers the user a panoramic view of mother nature while answering the call of the nature, which is kind of fitting if I may add. A retractable privacy shade is there for the user who wants to have more privacy.

The Portal is designed to operate off-grid. It does not require to be hooked up the grid. Instead, it is powered by the included 200 W solar panels, a 200 Ah battery, and an inverter that allows for stadium-like lighting, and power the always-on fan to eliminate odors.

The light runs on a sensor. It will stay off until motion is detected. There is an option for WiFi too. The Portal can be configured with Starlink as long as you are willing to shell out the money.

The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe

The Portal is available to order now in three versions: BASE Portal (US$4,995), FULL Portal (US$8,995), and EARTH Portal (US$10,995).

BASE Portal is the bare minimum that does away with lights, the mirrored front glass, solar panels, and battery, and it is Starlink-compatible (obviously as it does not have power).

The FULL Portal has all the works described above. At this point, the BASE Portal is serviceable like any portable toilet. The EARTH Portal, on the other hand, converts waste into fertilizer. But it will be only available in late 2023. 

The Portal Porta Potty by Jupe

Images: Jupe.

via Yanko Design.