If you are still learning to shred the axe, then you may want to get acquainted with Positive Grid Spark Smart Guitar Amp. Spark is an app-enabled guitar amp that automatically analyzes and displays the chords of a song in real time for ease of learning the song.

This feature, know as Auto Chord detection, works with music on platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Positive Grid Spark Smart Guitar Amp

In addition to generating real-time virtual practice tools, both the hardware and app worked together to automatically generate a bass and drum track to accompany your practice.

Positive Grid Spark Smart Guitar Amp further touts two custom-designed speakers and a tune bass-reflex port that promised to deliver deep, loud basses and crystal clear highs regardless of music styles.

Positive Grid Spark Smart Guitar Amp

All told, Spark boasts a 40W output and features a variety of tone-shaping options, along with amp and FX modeling with access to over 10,000 tones built upon the company’s award-winning BIAS engine.

Finally, Spark app is voice-enabled, allowing you to use voice to do things like stream a rock son or a blues backing track, ask for a virtual band to follow you and more.

Positive Grid Spark Smart Guitar Amp is now available to order on Positive Grid website at a pre-launch special price of $209.

Images: Positive Grid.

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