Steve Jobs Apple Logo 24ct. Gold iPhone

Steve Jobs Apple Logo Gold iPhone
(photos: Goldgenie) Steve Jobs Apple Logo Gold iPhone | £tba |

UK-based Goldgenie is most notable for its gold-plating business for just about anything imaginable, including our favorite mobile gadgets. among them, iPhone is arguably the most often luxe-up smartphone in Goldgenie’s portfolio and thus, it has announced a 24ct. Gold Plated Steve Jobs iPhone to commemorate this great visionary. the phone is clad in 24ct. gold plating, including its rim and its back cover sports an Apple logo with Jobs’ silhouette (instead of the usual ‘bite’ mark). the words ‘Steve Jobs, 1955-2011’ and limited edition number appears below the Steve Jobs Apple logo. only 56 units of this fine example will be created for good causes including the Pancreatic Cancer organization. it will make its public debut next month on an undisclosed show in Florida. no word on its price or if it will be sold in the form of auction or charity sales event. click on the above image for larger view.

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