Motorola i897 Ferrari Black mobile phone

Motorola i897 Ferrari Black mobile phone
(photos: Motorola Mobility) Motorola i897 Ferrari Black | from R$549.00 (with contract) |

if your idea of mobile phone is really just a mobile communication device, all hope is not lost because in the sea of clever phones, there are still plain cell phone, like this Motorola i897 Ferrari Black. exist as a minimalist clamshell form factor, the i897 Ferrari Black features a 2.2-inch QVGA main display, a 1.8-inch external display, microSD card slot, 2.0-megapixels camera with 4x digital zoom, built-in music player, Bluetooth connectivity and push-to-talk functionality. basically, it has all the basic functionalities that a modern day mobile phone has with added bonus of the elegances and prestige that Ferrari has come to know for. apart from the obvious branding of the iconic Italian marque on the phone’s cover, it comes bundled with exclusive Ferrari digital contents such as wallpapers, videos and brand campaigns, as well as Gameloft’s Ferrari GT: Evolution game. click through for a few more larger views.

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