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TUMI cover for iPhone 4 544x448px
(image credit: TUMI) TUMI cover for iPhone 4 | US$55.00 | www.tumi.com

TUMI joins the sea of iPhone 4 cases in the market with its TUMI cover for iPhone 4. this dual material case is resistant to heat, scratch and dust, and the case also incorporates a rubberized bumpers for the added protection. no monograms here but the TUMI branding can seen on both the inside and the outside of the case, and a less prominent branding on the top edge of the case. like any good iPhone 4 case, it has cut outs for access to the ports and buttons, plus rubberized volume and power on/off buttons. you will have a choice between aluminum or red carbon back cover and it retails for just $55 a pop, which includes a special 4-way privacy screen protector. a few more look at the TUMI cover for iPhone 4 after the break.
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TUMI cover for iPhone 4 544x544px

TUMI cover for iPhone 4 544x544px

TUMI cover for iPhone 4 544x544px

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  1. Do not buy this case. The rubber bumper comes apart, the leather plastic back cover chips, and it is very expensive. Shame on Tumi and shame on me for buying it.

    1. really? i guess having a luxury brand to it doesn’t equate to quality. i should have known better. even my authentic LV wallet tears like less than a year’s usage and to think i bought it from their boutique. i attribute the tear to poor workmanship (the tear was at the stitching portion inside the wallet).

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