We don’t do a lot of dash cam here because, a dash cam is a dash cam. It is basically a video camera that sits in your vehicle and that’s that. However, every once in a while a different kind of dash cam popped up in the market that demands our attention and the Vezo 360 is one of “different kind of dash.” It is one that, if delivers as promised, could be consider as a truly groundbreaking dash cam. Vezo 360, as the name hints, is a 360-degree ‘smart’ dash cam.

Vezo 360 4K 360-degree Smart Dash Cam

It does 360-degree stills and video, and in glorious, eye-watering 4K UHD. The benefit of recording in 360 is obvious. It captures everything corner so that in the event of, god forbids, a side impact, it will be captured as well. Who’s right. Who’s wrong. The video tells it all. As a trusty dash cam, it also records when the car is parked, alerting you with video clip, via 4G LTE, if there’s an impact of your car, or any tampering is being attempted.

During the night where criminal minds tend to strike, it has a subtle but obvious enough LED ring light to announce to any with criminal that this car is being watched. That’s just the dash cam part of things. Vezo 360 will also keep you awake too – thanks to its AI Sleep Prevention Alerts. An Internal AI machine learning is able to detect signs of drowsiness and alert you to wake you up.

“Vezo 360’s proprietary technology constantly tracks the driver’s eyes and mouth and is smart enough to recognize and monitor the different levels of drowsiness and respond with corresponding levels of alarm intensity.”

Vezo 360 4K 360-degree Smart Dash Cam

That’s not even it. Vezo 360 also doubles regular 360 camera and as an Internet connected action cam when use with a tripod or other external mounts. Speaking of mounts, Vezo has an innovative magnetic mount that is as easy to attach to the car mount as it is removing it to be used on-the-go. Like, who needs an additional camera when your car’s camera can serve the same purpose, right?

“In addition to the features above, Vezo can connect to the internet via 4G and Wi-Fi, and to your phone via Bluetooth. This means in the event of an accident or break-in (heaven forbid!), footage uploads automatically to the cloud and Vezo sends a notification to the driver’s phone. It also means that Vezo’s mobile app can provide instant access to a live stream of the driver’s car. A built-in GPS chip allows Vezo to show drivers where they parked in real time.”

Vezo 360 4K 360-degree Smart Dash Cam

Well, if this isn’t the most advanced dash cam ever… ArVizon, the South Korea-based tech startup behind Vezo 360, has taken to Kickstarter to peddle their ware. Two models of Vezo 360 are offered: one with AI and instant notifications, and one without. Starting price for the former is $149 and the latter, $219. Continue reading to find the product pitch video.

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All images courtesy of ArVizon.

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