Former NASA engineer Mark Rober is known for a lot crazy science creations. From the biggest NERF Blaster to the super sized Super Soaker to the Glitter Bomb designed to teach porch pirates a good, sparkling lesson. Rober did it all. But this latest creation/experiment/engineering project of his is by far the craziest. How crazy? Well, how does a rocket-powered golf club sounds? Absolutely bonkers! Because, rocket-powered golf club really is as crazy as it sounds.

Mark Rober Rocket-powered Golf Club

Rober has a long video – the longest yet from the man – to go with it. The video departs from Rober’s usual videos. This particular episode dug into the science and process behind the making of the rocket-powered golf club. This literal rocket science golf club is capable of a consistent swing speed of 150 miles an hour (or about 241 km/h!) and drives a ball to a distance of, well, lets just say to the infinity and beyond. The golf ball went a little far for the team to find it. So, yeah, it is pretty damn far.

Mark Rober Rocket-powered Golf Club

Now, it is worthy to note that the robotic golfer was developed to deal with, first a single F rocket motor and then stepped up to a two F rocket motors. Finally, it was time for a real life application. A handheld version was developed, powered by a less powerful C motor so that, you know, the thrust won’t tear off Rober’s limbs or anything like that. The result? Not sure, 300 yards or so, maybe? Definitely the world’s farthest drive, but it sure beats Rober’s average range by quite a bit. Anyways, we will let you witness this insane science/engineering project yourself in the video below.

Mark Rober Rocket-powered Golf Club

Images: YouTube (Mark Rober).

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