Wilwood Forged Billet D154 Replacement Caliper

Wilwood Forged Billet D154 Replacement Caliper
Wilwood Forged Billet D154 Replacement Caliper | US$PoA | www.wilwood.com

every serious car nuts know how important brakes are to a ride. brakes are like unsung heroes, they don’t have the horsepower to boast about but still, its duty is no less critical. speaking of which, if you happen to own a GM muscle cars or passenger vehicle, especially one of those old rides, it might just be ripe to switch out those iron single piston D154 pad-type calipers with the newly announced Wilwood Forged Billet D154 Replacement Caliper. suitable for GM made vehicles from 1968 onwards, this kit presents an attractive solution by being a direct replacement, bolt-on kit. the Wilwood item is designed to mount in the stock location, while users can still retain their car’s stock rotor, as well as the use of OEM or aftermarket compound replacement pads. in short, as long as it fits the stock calipers, it will work on the Wilwood’s. the Wilwood Forged Billet D154 Caliper features forged aluminum body, stainless steel pistons for improved heat transfer and high corrosion resistant quality, high temperature seals for controlled pistol retraction, and a macular exterior styling finished with either black or red power coating. available in single piston or dual piston model, these replacement brake calipers not only makes your ride looks sweeter but shave some weight from your brake system while enhancing your vehicle’s braking reliability. check out Wilwood official website for details. click through for a couple of larger views.

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