WOODCASE for iPhone 4

WOODCASE for iPhone 4
WOODCASE for iPhone 4 | US$85.00 | www.etsy.com

lets face it: we get bored with the look of our gadgets easily but thanks to the invention of cases and skins, our gadgets managed to get some makeover every now and then. however, it is not just the change of look that we are after. we are in for that one-of-the-kind look – something that doesn’t look like they have rolled off the production line and something that will make our gadgets stand out from the crowd of regulars. the WOODCASE for iPhone 4 is one such example. created by Etsy seller HAYDAN HUYA, this beautiful case is crafted from a solid piece of linden wood and features a felt interior to softly hold your phone while it is nested within. a leather strip facilitates easy removal of your phone and lock the case, which is held close on one end with the aid of magnets. awesome stuff but it is not cheap though. the WOODCASE for iPhone 4 will set you back at $85 a pop. more views after the break.

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