Sewer Line Repair ASAP If You See These 6 Signs

Over time, your sewer line can degrade and eventually rupture if you don’t maintain it properly. Upgrading to a PVC system may be an option in some cases, but not always. You need sewer line repair as soon as possible if you see the 6 signs we will list below.

Sewer Line Repair ASAP If You See These 6 Signs
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What Causes Damage?

Many things can cause damage to the sewer line in your yard, including roots from overgrown trees and shrubs, erosion caused by heavy rain, settling of your home’s foundation, and even an abandoned septic tank. When this happens, the pipe itself could shift or break underneath the earth’s surface, which will cause it to leak dirty water into surrounding areas that are not supposed to be contaminated.

You can avoid this issue by having a plumber inspect the location every couple of years just before wintertime, so you know whether there is any damage being done due to seasonal temperature changes. For accurate and thorough inspections, investing in the best sewer inspection camera is essential. Cutting-edge technology can help professionals identify hidden leaks and assess the condition of your sewer line efficiently, ensuring timely and effective solutions to potential issues.

How Does It Affect Your Pipes?

When your sewer line has shifted or broken, it can mean one of two things for your pipes under the ground. If the pipe breaks completely but does not shift, then all of your sewage will back up into your system and possibly even seep into the surrounding soil. Even if it does not affect the pipes, you will have to deal with sewage backups in nearby areas because of the broken connection between city sewers and your home’s sewer line.

Why should you call professionals?

Even if you think that there is a leak in your sewer line, it might be best to call a professional in order to make sure. Professionals at say that this is because not all leaks are always apparent and can go unnoticed for days or weeks until the problem becomes serious enough to affect the surrounding yard and home negatively. Even if you find out there is a crack in the pipe that cannot be fixed, then you will need help from them when it comes time to replace it completely with new piping materials.

Here are the 6 signs:

  1. Slow Drains
    Slow draining water is one of the most common signs that you have a problem with your sewer line. Your drains might be slow when it’s not in use, but this could also indicate a blockage in the drainpipe. A licensed plumber can help you clear out any debris or buildup that is causing this issue. There are some ways that you can do it yourself, but it’s safer to call a pro.
  2. Sewer Smells
    Another sign that there may be an issue with your sewer line is an unpleasant smell coming from your toilet or drains around the house. If you notice the smell dissipating when someone flushes the toilet, then chances are good that something has come loose and is blocking the drainpipe. You need sewage cleanup right away if you think there might be sewage backing up into your home.
  3. Damaged Wood
    Be on the lookout for any signs of damage to your nearby trees and shrubs. This could indicate that the roots have grown too close to the sewer line, which can cause it to shift or even rupture if they buckle or break through it. If you see any damaged vegetation in your yard, call a professional as soon as possible.
  4. Ditches Around the House
    Another sign that there might be an issue with your sewer line is ditched near your home’s foundation that fills up with water when it rains heavily. These ditches could indicate erosion around the house and point to a problem with your connection to city sewers and storm drains. The best way to avoid this problem is by hiring a professional to inspect the area and determine whether it is time for sewer line repair.
  5. Broken Pipes
    If you notice that your pipes are broken near the foundation of your home, then this could indicate an issue with your sewer line connection to city sewers. This could mean that you need sewer service in order to avoid any unnecessary complications later on out of sheer neglect. You might find further damage inside your home if water pools up in various places when it rains heavily outside.
  6. Continuous Water Supply
    If you have a water leak that won’t stop, then it might be time to call a plumber in order to determine whether there is an issue with your sewer line. Continuous water flow could mean that sewage and dirty water are backing up into the home’s plumbing system and causing damage. You need sewer repair help right away if you think this might be happening at your home.
Sewer Line Repair ASAP If You See These 6 Signs
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Sewer line repair is very important in order to avoid causing any further damage to the lawn or inside your home. Even if you can’t see any obvious signs that there is an issue, you should call a professional, just to be on the safe side, so you know exactly what damage might have already been done.

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