Two years ago, I walked out of the cinema after sitting through 2 hours and 22 minutes of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker feeling bewildered and confused, and disappointed. The movie was, well, a bit of stretch. You know, how the Emperor actually had cloned of himself (and actually remembers all the shit and that he is supposed to be evil) and how Skywalker, who clearly has no bloodline, suddenly had someone continuing his name.

Words can’t describe the bewildered state I was in after hearing “I am Rey Skywalker”. Anyhoo, enough of my rant and on with what Disney and Hasbro are trying to sell you: the heroine’s lightsaber.

Folks, this is the Star Wars The Black Series Rey Skywalker Force FX Elite Lightsaber. God damn it, I felt so uneasy with this product name because of the illegitimate Skywalker name!

OK. Back to the toy… it features “advanced LED technology” and entertainment-inspired Lightsaber sound effects, and has a yellow blade – as seen in the movie – with a twist to ignite feature.

It further features an illuminated metal hilt and molted blade tip effect. The hilt is, of course, based on Rey’s Lightsaber as seen in the film, complete with real fabric wear and for added realism, metal construction.

Each Lightsaber comes with a stand for display with or without the removable blade.

The Star Wars The Black Series Rey Skywalker Force FX Elite Lightsaber will arrive on May 01, 2022, for a hefty US$264.99. Man, is it me or The Black Series Lightsabers are getting more expensive?

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Anyways, if you are down, you can secure a unit or two by pre-ordering the Lightsaber from

Images: Hasbro.

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