BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Feel Like a Champion? Then the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition is for You

celebrating BMW driver Marco Wittmann’s success at this season DTM, BMW has announced a special edition BMW M4 coupe, dubbed the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition. since Wittmann’s DTM car is based on the current M4 coupe, it is only fitting that the Champion Edition is also a M4 and thus, it shares the same specifications as the M4 coupe with power coming from a 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline six producing 425 horses. though no 500 hp V8 under this homologation’s hood, but it still make the manual sprint from standstill to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. the Champion Edition will be ultra limited. only 23 units will be built, a number that pays homage to Wittmann’s car number and will only be offered exclusively in Alpine White. Continue reading

Mini Bay Trailer PC by Shenzhen APEC Electronic

This USB Flash Drive Size Gadget Is Actually a Full Fledge PC Packing a Quad-Core Bay Trail Processor

today’s smartphones are essentially pocket-size PC and as such there are no reasons why a huge ass HDTV sets can’t be a PC too. well, in fact, it can – if you plug this Mini Bay Trailer PC manufactured by China-based Shenzhen APEC Electronic into your HDTV’s HDMI port. it may look like a USB flash drive or even a Chromecast-like device, but this little guy has the guts of a full fledge x86 PC and it cost only $110. packed within its nondescript thumb drive-like enclosure is an Intel quad-core Bay Trail processor with integrated graphics and backed by 1GB of RAM. it has its own onboard storage too, albeit just 16GB, but that’s further expandable via the microSD expansion slot. the device supports Intel Burst Technology with 2MB of L2 Cache and also boast built-in sound codec chip along with the usual suspects of connectivity including the obvious HDMI, a pair of micro USB ports, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and 802.11n wireless. Continue reading


Free Up Valuable Real Estate in Your Fridge by Hanging Your Cold Ones Up with BottleLoft

is your fridge space-starved and you often find that there is never enough space for your 6-pack? i guess that probably ranks among the top as the worst nightmare for men. well, with the BottleLoft, you can strike that off the list of things you have to worry about as a man. BottleLoft lets you free up valuable real estate in the fridge by hanging the bottles on the top of the refrigerator, leaving the space beneath for other smaller items, such as your left-over pizzas or whatever. we are not going to lie. BottleLoft is not going to be as effective unless you have a reasonably sizable refrigerator where you have high top shelf space. so if have those and still runs out of space, then BottleLoft can really help to ease the space crunch, plus it makes your fridge looks a whole lot cooler too. it is a fairly simple contraption created by a startup magnet specialist who knows a thing or two about how to keep ferrous metal sticks to magnet really firmly. Continue reading

Bracelet Charging Cable by Chivote

Bracelet Charging Cable Lets You Wear It So You Won’t Forget to Bring Your Cable Again

most smartphone users would have a charging device or a portable battery along with them when they head out, you know, for obvious reasons. whether you have a USB power adapter or an external battery, you will need one thing: the cable and that’s where problems start to surface. stock cables are long and difficult to stash away in the bag, and worst, sometimes we even forget to bring them along, rendering the portable battery or charger useless. however, if the cable is part of your fashion i.e. becomes wearable, then it would eliminates those two woes and that’s exactly what the Bracelet Charging Cable sets out to do. it is a USB cable,cleverly designed into a fashion piece, a bracelet to specific, which you can keep by your side aways by wearing around your wrist. simple but brilliant idea and the best part is, it looks terrific. Continue reading

Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case

Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case Adds Bend-resistant to iPhone 6 with a Touch of Luxury

i know the case surrounding the much blown up #bendgate is pretty surreal, but then it strikes me that the risk is very real when i realized that i do, unknowingly, slips my Nexus 5 into my back pocket and sitting on it. thankfully, Nexus 5 is not thin enough to be susceptible to bending and even if it did, plastic is not as malleable as aluminum and so, i won’t know at all. anyhow, that’s a harsh truth that even a thin form case won’t save the day. enters the Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case, a case specifically tailored for iPhone 6 and crafted from grade 5 titanium. with titanium hugging your precious iPhone 6, bending is virtually non-existence and as boon, it kind of ‘soups’ up the aesthetic, especially if you are not all for the rounded edges of the new iPhone. Continue reading

MasterCard Biometric Contactless Payment Card

Future MasterCard Will Feature Fingerprint Sensor and NFC

the traditional way of signing to authenticate a credit card purchase at store front can be a hassle and not necessary the most secure way. understanding this, over the years payment companies have been trying to make things a little simpler. with Apple Pay announced last month, the Cupertino tech giant is the latest to join the effort to make payment a less painful affair. and now, MasterCard and Zwipe, a biometric technology outfit, has announced the launch of the world’s biometric contactless payment card. essentially, the same credit card you know and can’t live without, the charge card features an integrated fingerprint sensor and Near Field Communication technology that enables you to make payment faster without compromising on security. Continue reading

VIUD Virtually Indestructible USB Drive

VIUD is a Super Tough USB Drive That Will Probably Outlast You in Any Given Extreme Conditions

if you expect to find your USB flash drive to be in some seriously extreme conditions such as running over by a vehicle, subject to 3,600 Fahrenheit (about 2,000oC) of heat, burnt by blowtorch, or even taking a dive down to 1.2 miles (2 km) of water, just to name a few, then Dave Humphrey from Canada might just have the USB flash drive for you. he has developed the “world’s toughest USB drive” that will escape those extremes unscathed. called VIUD or Virtually Indestructible USB Drive, this super tough digital storage device is designed for life’s unexpected situations and can take virtually any punishment you or Mother Nature can unleash upon it, all while keeping the electronic and the digital content within safe and sound. Continue reading


ARCHOS is Developing its Own VR Glasses and it Will Cost Just $30

will today’s powerful smartphone give dedicated Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift a run for their money? it just might when more and more handset makers are jumping on the bandwagon to make smartphone-powered VR headsets and the latest to join the party is ARCHOS. the French outfit has just announced that it is developing its own VR glasses, simply called ARCHOS VR Glasses. there are no whole lot of details, though ARCHOS said that its iteration will accommodate smartphone of size up to 6-inch, ideally the handset should be equipped 5″ 1080p display, quad-core processors or higher, plus motion sensors for an immersive experience. Continue reading

uKeg Pressurized Growler

Almost Steampunk-ish uKeg Pressurized Growler Keeps Beer Fresh for As Long As You Want

craft beer lovers. you know how is it like with growlers. they are a moment of joy thing, cos’ days later all that’s left is flat brew and that’s not to mention the insult of having pour, instead of draining it from a tap and also glass growler can be really fragile. yes. you can get a kegerator to solve your craft beer woes, but that’s if you are prepared to drop good money on one. understanding these craft beer lovers’ heartbreaking woes, Growler Werks came up with an uber stylish solution that’s almost steampunk-ish – thanks to the brass accents – and a pressurized growler dubbed uKeg that will keep your beer fresh for as long as you want. sounds like an impossibility? nope, it is not. the magic lies in the engineered seal paired to a CO2 regulator cap that keeps oxygen from messing up the beer. a dial lets you dial in the carbonation and freshness you desire. Continue reading

Sincerity Machine Comic Sans Typewriter by Jesse England

Man Turns a 70s Manual Typewriter into One That Types in Comic Sans

comics are love by many, but a font named Comic Sans that has been an option since Windows 95 does not quite share the same enthusiasm by the masses. don’t believe? a search for “world most hated font” and Comic Sans is the one to pop up. this has prompted a man by the name of Jesse England to turned a 70s Sears-branded Brother Charger 11 typewriter into one that types in Comic Sans font. as weird as it might sounds, it does work like a charm to the dismay of some typewriter, Comic Sans-hating purists. laser engraving machine was used to etch the new letters on acrylic pieces and adhered to the strikers, while vinyl cutter is used to create the new key covers to reflect the newly adopted font, completing the package which England affectionately called Sincerity Machine. Continue reading

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