Lampion High-end Tube Amplifier + Sound Dock by Stefan Radev

This Beautiful High-end Tube Amplifier is Also a Sound Dock for Both iOS and Android Phones

tube amp is definitely not new and so is sound dock. in fact, the latter is a little passe these days if you ask us, but that won’t be the case with the Lampion High-end Tube Amplifier + Sound Dock designed by Stefan Radev for a Danish start-up. sound dock by itself is, as said, is a thing of the past, but what Lampion High-end Tube Amplifier + Sound Dock has to offer is more than a sound dock. yes. it has docks for Android or iOS devices, but it also supports wireless audio streaming, along with RCA connectors and a pair of 3.5mm line-in audio jack. on top of all that, it has a tube amplifier, outputting 20 + 20 watts of audio and the device can be hooked up with external speakers or headphones, through a set of RCA jacks and a 14” headphone jack. Continue reading

Custom 1971 Mercedes-Benz Pickup

This Custom 1971 Mercedes Pickup Truck Packs a Lexus V8 Engine

you have seen an electric car, a MINI, and even a Ferrari, chopped and turned into a pickup truck, now meet another beautiful example that’s converted from a classic 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D. granted that this particular example being put up for sale by South African car sale outfit, Sedgefield Classic Cars, is not the first Mercedes-Benz sedan to be converted into a truck, it stands out as one that is powered by a slightly modern Lexus V8 power plant, mated to an automatic transmission. as to who was the donor of this engine and transmission package, and which year the engine hails from, are unknown. so, why would anyone wants a Japanese car engine in a continental ride? well, because whoever first did the chop can. Continue reading

Cezeta Type 506 Electric Scooter

Czech’s Cezeta Reborn, Introduces New Electric Scooter Based On The Classic Type 501 and 502

once in a while, a scooter comes along that really gets us excited and the Cezeta Type 506 Electric Scooter is one such scooter. if you think the Type 506 looks somewhat familiar, well, it is because it is based on the reborn Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) scooter maker’s Type 501 and Type 502 scooters, which together with the 505, were the only three scooters they ever introduced before ceasing scooter operations back in 1964. but that turns out to be a hiatus as the folks has resumed their scooter production last year with the introduction of the hand-built electric version, Type 506. at a glance, it has a body identical to the Type 501 and 502, sharing the same futuristic, torpedo-like design with a low center of gravity and double seat. Continue reading

Gigs 2 Go Is The Tab Stickers Of The Flash Drive World, Lets You Store Large Files for Easy Sharing

Gigs 2 Go Is The Tab Stickers Of The Flash Drive World, Lets You Store Large Files for Easy Sharing

don’t trust the cloud or email? well, then i am sure the Gigs 2 Go Tear-and-Share Flash Drive Pack will appeal to you. as the product name implies, it lets you tear out a USB flash drive, store something on it and give it to whoever you want to share the files with. no security implications and no worries about file size or whatsoever. it looks like the tab stickers, except that it won’t mark pages or let you make notes, oh wait, it actually can. you can use a sharpie to write very short notes of its content. it has a unique eco-friendly packaging too; the ‘enclosure’ is of molded paper pulp, made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and within each of these enclosure, is an ultra-thin chip-on-board flash memory stick, secured inside a recycled plastic tray. Continue reading

EDC Multi-tool Card

EDC Card Updated Multi-tool Card With Tougher Material and Over 30 Functions

the idea of card size multi-tool isn’t newest idea, though so, we noted it hasn’t change much to adapt to modern applications. that said, we are glad to hear that someone has finally decides it is time for a change and the result is the EDC Multi-tool Card you see here. honestly, the product name doesn’t quite do justice to what it has offer. packed into this wallet-friendly tool is a mind-boggling number of functions – over 30 of them – built around a super durable military grade S35VN stainless steel, which we have to admit, makes it looks pretty attractive. man, it has so many functionality that we don’t even know where to begin, but we will try anyhow. Continue reading

Bear Grylls Paramotor Adventurer Package

The World’s Most Beloved Adventurer Now Has His Name On A Paramotor and You Can Buy it for £10,688

you may not eat the guts of an animal raw, or sleep inside a carcass of a camel (eww…) to survive like Bear Grylls suggested, but you sure can enjoy soaring through sky with the Bear Grylls Paramotor Adventurer Package. lets face it. most of us, even the most extreme of the adrenalin junkies won’t go the extreme as Grylls, so dropping £10,688 (about US$17,490) to enjoy the bright blue sky sounds like a lesser of the extremes. announced by Parajet International, the same folks that gave you the paraglider-equipped flying car, the Bear Grylls Paramotor Adventurer Package is the latest in “one-man personal powered flight”, offering up to 3 hours of flight time, plus all the benefits that paramotor has to offer like ridiculously short take off and landing capability, easy maneuverability, stable and dynamic flight and the lack of pilot license to operate. Continue reading

Felt Case for iPhone 6 by FUZ Designs

Overcome iPhone 6’s Slippery Nature With This Beautiful Felt Case

if you haven’t heard, the reviews for iPhone 6 are pouring into the web and we noticed one common observation: the phone is beautiful, the curves are pretty, but it can be quite slippery to handle, partly due to the sexy, rounded sides. one reviewer even accidentally dropped the review set with screen down on to concrete ground while handling it. we considered that as a fair warning to users and would be users of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which if you still don’t know what it means… it means it is best to keep it tuck in a case. there will be waves of case for iPhone 6 coming along and this FUZ Designs example is among the first. not only it is among the first, but it also promised to start shipping upon successful conclusion of their Kickstarter campaign. rest assure the case, appropriately dubbed Felt Case, isn’t a guesswork by this season Kickstarter campaigner. Continue reading

Fabricor Stain-proof Chef Jackets and Aprons

No Matter How Messed Up You Are In The Kitchen, This Chef Jacket Will Never Be Stained

there are a lot things that has remain unchanged for decades or even centuries, and chef jacket is among the long list. up till today, chef’s wear, be it jacket or apron, is still susceptible to stains. no biggie, of course, but not when someone admires your cooking and wanted to see you in person to express their gratitude. surely, you won’t want to turn up in a mustard and soy sauce stained attire, do you? nope. this is where Fabricor Stain-proof Chef Jackets and Aprons can come real handy. what makes Fabricor so special lies in the fabric. it is made with a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology that has been tested and proven to repel water, dirt and even oil. Continue reading

Personalized Marvel Action Figure

Now, You Can Buy a Marvel Action Figure With Your Face On It

already got yourself a Stormtrooper mini-me? how about taking on the persona of say, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? well, in mini-me form of course, too? as it, putting your face on a 12-inch Marvel superhero action figures. that’s what Hasbro, Marvel, Disney and a 3D printing company, 3DPlusMe is offering, albeit for a limited time. only two action figures are being offered: Iron Man and Captain America. so evil folks, no villains for you. so i guess its time to turn over a new leaf, perhaps? known as Super Awesome Me, the program allows you to purchase the aforementioned Marvel superheroes with a head sculpt made from the scan of your head. but like the Stormtrooper mini-me, this will have to be done in-store, which you can find across ten Walmart and two Sam’s Club locations for a limited time between September 19 and September 28. Continue reading

Kindle Fire HDX Tablet, Fire HD Kids Edition and the new Kindles

Amazon Refreshes Fire HDX and Fire HD, Adds Kids Edition and Two Kindles

while the tech industry are still bathing in the sweetness of post iPhone 6 announcement, Amazon is assaulting the eReader and tablet markets with a handful of new stuff, including an all-new Fire HDX tablet, a Fire HD Kids Edition, two new Kindles, namely Voyage and Kindle with Touch, and a new version of the Fire OS, known as OS 4 “Sangria”. under normal circumstances, i.e. one without a major tech event like the iPhone 6 event, Amazon’s announcement would have been pretty huge, but alas, it was announced a week after iPhone 6 unveiling and when the heat is on for reviews, pre-order and the obligatory fanboys slugging out, which kind of drowns out the whole affair. anyways, if you are in the market for new tablets or eReader, read on to find out more. Continue reading

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