Squair "The Slit" iPhone Case for iPhone 6

This Beautiful Metal iPhone Case Will Run You Back at $2,000 a Pop

The beauty about the capitalism is, there is always something for everyone at any given price point. Take for example iPhone case. Since the rise of the popularity of iPhones, we have seen a myriad of them, from the cheapest to the ‘regular price’ to the ridiculously priced options. With regard to the latter, you will probably be expecting some kind of bling like diamonds, crystals or gold, but that’s not the case (pun not intended) with this particular $2,000 example called “The Slit” from Japanese firm Squair. It has none of those. What it has to offer is a case of super strong form of aluminum known as Extra Super Duralumin A7075 (age-hardenable aluminum allows) and has a unique slit design (hence the name “The Slit”). I am not sure if you will consider the peek-a-boo styling a beauty or not, but from the product images, it does look pretty cool. Continue reading

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Smartphone

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Packs Three 8MP Cameras

To be honest, most handsets look pretty much alike and the newly announced Huawei Honor 6 Plus is no exception, but upon closer observation, you will notice that it has not one, not two, but three cameras, each offering 8MP resolution imaging. It almost sounds like a potential mobile photography enthusiast’s dream come true and it might very well be. The front has one camera for video chat and selfie, while the back has two, lined side-by-side, boasting an effective pixel size of just 1.98 microns. We already seen the benefits with a duo rear-facing cameras setup when HTC One M8 started the ball rolling earlier this year. So, not surprisingly, you can also expect about the same from Honor 6 Plus duo cameras, including refocus the capture photos, adjust their simulated aperture from f0.95 to f16, plus applying fun filters like tilt shift, sketch and comics. Continue reading

BlackBerry Classic Smartphone

Blackberry Reboots The Iconic QWERTY Design and Called It ‘Classic’

No. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you and neither is this post bumped up from the archive. This is latest smartphone from the Ontario-based handset maker and it is called, well, Blackberry Classic. We have absolutely why Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion or RIM) choose to reboot the classic design. Oh, actually we might. According to the official press release, this ‘new device’ is a response to “custom demands for a familiar design merged with the security and speed of Blackberry 10..” and it went on to say how it is superior than the Blackberry Bold 9900, including three times faster browsing, 60 percent more screen space, 50 precent longer battery life and finally, more applications available through Blackberry World and Amazon Appstore. Continue reading

2015 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged

Hennessey Turns Ford F-150 Into a 600+ HP Performance Off-road Truck

The SVT Raptor maybe dead, but for those still holding on to the past, you will have something to look forward to and that’s the 2015 Hennessey VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged. Stirred, chopped and diced up by tuning maestro Hennessey Performance, the new VelociRaptor 600 Supercharged boast over 600 horsepower wrung out of a Roots-type supercharger-fitted 5.0L V8 unit, which benefits from a high-flow air induction system, stainless steel exhaust system, upgraded fuel injectors, and Hennessey’s proprietary engine management calibration. The power bump is complemented by nearly 700 lbs in weight saving, making this Hennessey-touched pickup truck a huge stride from the original aluminum-bodied F150 pickup truck it was based on. Continue reading

Raminator - The Fastest Monster Truck in the World

According to Guinness, This Is The Fastest Monster Truck In The World

Does speed matters to monster trucks? Nope, but if it can be the world’s fastest, why the hell not? Bagging the title of the “Fastest Speed for a Monster Truck” is the Ram Truck sponsored monster truck, Raminator. Piloted by Mark Hall, it made history at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, achieving a new record speed of 99.10 miles per hour, driving both the truck and the driver into the Guinness World Records and in the process, wiping the previous record off the book by 2.3 mph. The record was set on December 15 , 2014 at 8.44 a.m. (CT) on the 3.4-mile race track of the 1,000-acre multi-purpose facility, located at southeast Austin. If you know monster truck, you will know that it (the speed record) was feat not to be sneered at. Continue reading

Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine Conversion Kit

For $30,000, You Can Turn Your DeLorean Into A Time Machine From Back to the Future Movies

By now, DeLorean DMC-12 is as iconic as the science fiction flick Back to the Future and if you own one, you’re probably going to keep it in its original, polished stainless steel condition, but then again, who doesn’t want a Doc Brown‘s movie-famous DeLorean time machine? I know I would want that. Well, it looks like your dream is about to come true – if you have $29,999 to spare. No. That amount won’t get you the used DMC-12. In fact, you won’t get any car. Instead, it will get you the Back To The Future DeLorean Time Machine Conversion Kit, which means you will need to be a ready owner of a DeLorean, and you and your lovely DeLorean will need to be in the U.S. Continue reading

Iron Man 3 Mark XLIII 1/6th Scale Collectible Diecast Figure by Hot Toys

Finally, Hot Toys’ Latest Iron Man Collectible Figure Gets The Deserving Metal Treatment

We have seen and fell in love with tons of Iron Man collectible figures. Though they are accurate as they gets, there is still something missing. Something which we can’t put a finger on… until now. The missing puzzle is the material used: plastic, which clearly, does not quite fit its namesake. It’s Iron Man that we are talking about and why should it clad in plastic armor? No way, Jose! and this is why serious Iron Man enthusiasts, fanboys, collectors and all, should look at the Iron Man 3 Mark XLIII 1/6th Scale Collectible Diecast Figure by Hot Toys. Yes. It is a mouthful, but we are enchanted nonetheless for obvious reason. With metal in the mix, we bet everyone’s favorite silverscreen iteration of the iron-clad superhero will be even more realistic. Continue reading

Spacelife Jacket

Spacesuit-inspired Jacket Not Only Looks Cool, It Also Rocks Built-in Bluetooth Speakers Too

Inspired by classic spacesuit, the Spacelife Jacket is every bit as high-tech as it sounds. Well, kind of. It has to be anyways, because this super cool jacket will run you back at a cool 1,499 euros, or around US$1,900. While it will not protect you from the vacuum (don’t need it here) or radiation for the good’ol Sun (not quite needed here too, unless you’re under a broken ozone), it will keep you warm and looking exceeding out-of-this-world. Literally. If not for the hoodie and the lack of the bottom section, the Spacelife Jacket does look pretty much like a real spacesuit – at least to the untrained eyes like ours. The jacket comes with its own integrated hood with reflective coating and strategically positioned obligatory patches that mimics the real astronaut’s space-outing outfit, as well as a non-functional port up front for that extra realistic look. Continue reading

GAEMS M155 15.5" Monitor

GAEMS 15.5-inch LED Monitor Lets You Game Away From Your Living

Unless you convert your game console into a laptop like what Ed Zarick has done, you are pretty much relegated to playing on a big screen HDTV. However, if for some reasons you don’t have the luxury of a big-ass HDTV, then game peripherals and accessories maker GAEMS have the M155 15.5″ Monitor to fill in the shoe. It won’t turn your gaming box into a laptop, but it will let you play anywhere indoor where there is a wall outlet available. The M155 offers a decent 15.5″ LED backlit display with 720p resolution and is powered by two USB ports with the included cable. It does come with an adapter for plugging into an outlet if you so choose to. Continue reading

Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case

Roland Iten Takes Credit Card Holder To The Next Level of Sophistication and Luxury

If the simple act of pulling credit cards out of your wallet is considered mundane to you, then we think you may be in need of something a little fancier. Something that goes beyond leather and card slots, something like the Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case. Other than the name ‘Roland Iten’, the product doesn’t quite pronounce the marvel it carries. Bling is not central here, though it does have some subtle lavish elements to it, but more on that later. Using a combination of patent-pending spring steel, tension-controlled recoil mechanism, and patented sorting lever, the Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case allows you to neatly display and access to six of your most important credit cards with a single, swift one-handed action. Continue reading

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