Mini Power Cardboard Battery

Tiny Pill-like Cardboard Battery Will Provide Your Smartphone with the Much Need Juice in an Emergency

You know how is it like with smartphones’ battery. It seems that they’re never enough no matter how long-lasting phone maker claims them to be, but that could be an oversight on part for not remembering to get it to full charge before we head out, or perhaps due to the long, boring journeys that only serve to encourage the non-stop phone usage. Before you know it, rapidly draining battery catches with you, made worst by the fact that you could be in the middle of a wall outlet-starved location. While there is no lacking of portable battery to address this modern day inadequacy, they only add to the many EDC we already have to carry. However, if designer Tsung Chih-Hsien’s Red Dot Awards-winning design called Mini Power were to become a reality, our days of being caught with flat-out smartphone could be over. Continue reading

Muzik On-ear Headphones

For $300, Personal Music Enjoyment Could Be a Social Experience with Muzik On-ear Headphones

We have a feeling the Muzik On-ear Headphones may be a hit in this sharing-obsessed society. Today, we share everything on social media, partly fueled by the ease of sharing with today’s smart mobile devices. But as far as music is concerned, Muzik On-ear Headphones aims to make it even easier, by letting you share the song you’re listening to on your social networks or adding it to your playlist. Muzik wants to be, as CEO and founder Jason Hardi puts it, the Google Glass for the ears. When paired a smartphone installed with the proprietary Muzik app, you can do pretty much anything without lifting up your smartphone. Continue reading

SmartWallet Minimalist Wallet

This Classy Minimalist Wallet Has Bluetooth, GPS Tracker and Charges Your Smartphone Too

The SmartWallet you see here may not be the most high-tech wallet we have seen, but it is no less geeky, which suits us just fine. With SmartWallet, the relation between a wallet and a smartphone becomes intertwined. No, you can’t make calls or text with this wallet. It can, however, create a bond between itself and the phone by not letting either be forgotten the next time you leave a place – thanks to the built-in Bluetooth chip. Once paired, either object will alert you if one of them goes out of range and in addition to that, you can use either to locate the other device when you misplaced either one of them as long as the misplaced item is within 150 feet range. Just use the companion app’s tap to find function to trigger the wallet’s built-in loudspeaker for easy location, or in the case of the wallet, just click on the wallet to set the phone ringing. Continue reading

Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo Concept

Chevrolet’s Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo is Powered by Laser and Makes 0-60 in 1.5 Seconds

Chevrolet joins the the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Volkswagen, to introduced its own vision GT vehicle for Gran Turismo 6 during this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show and boy was it a showstopper, well, in a virtual way, that is. Being a made-for-game car, Chevrolet’s engineering and design teams were not held back when coming with this what Chevy described as “an audacious and ambition vision.” Looking at the images, we couldn’t agree more with Chevy’s executive director of advanced design, Clay Dean and even more so when you come to realize how this is supposed to be driven and what’s propelling it forth. Developed especially for the Vision Gran Turismo project, the Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo drew its inspiration from innovative race cars developed by Chaparral Racing and Chevrolet over four-and-a-half decades ago. Continue reading

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept Truck

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept: Off-road Trucks Never Look This Good

So you think all pickup trucks are off-road capable? Well, a look at the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept Truck, you may think otherwise. We won’t blame you for having the sudden revelation that your Silverado is in fact not quite ready to take on the beaten paths. I can, for sure, but it won’t be as capable as what ZR2 has to offer. Based on the product Colorado Z71, the ZR2 is a good 4 inches wider and has the look that screams to keep on going even when the road ends. Though so, it doesn’t look all that out of this world, which is a good thing because you want this truck to be made and not one that’s destined for Chevy’s history book. Continue reading

Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphone

Bang & Olufsen H2 On-ear Headphones Oozes with Style, But That’s Expected of the Danish Company

Not all headphones are made equal – not in the audio delivery and most certainly not in the design. While we can’t speak for the sound of most, we can sure comment on the aesthetic, but with a pair coming from high-end audio equipment maker like Bang & Olufsen, there’s little about its audio reproduction ability, nor will there be questions with the styling. And in the case of the Danish outfit’s latest personal audio listening device, the H2 on-ear headphones, we can only say it is oozing with style that any fans have come to expect from B&O. The product images you find on this page pretty much speaks for themselves in that respect, and therefore, we shall leave the ogling to you folks. Under the skin, this pair of rugged textile-wrapped audio cans boasts custom 40mm driver with bass port, providing it with a boast in the low frequency response while delivering a full and rich audio reproduction with the clarity and details you’ve come to expect of B&O. Continue reading

RestOn Sleep Monitor by Sleepace

RestOn Wants to Monitor Your Sleep Without Being Worn

Most sleep monitor or activity tracker that claims to monitor your sleep requires you to wear a wristband when you sleep, but obviously, not everyone’s ok with that. Fortunately, there are a few non-wearable options out there and the RestOn Sleep Monitor by Shenzhen-based Sleepace is the latest to join the non-wearable camp. It does pretty much what most sleep monitors do, which is to track your sleeping pattern, but what makes RestOn Sleep Monitor stands out is a unique design that lets you sleep on it. Medical-grade sensors are packed into a paper-thin strip that goes between the mattress and the bed sheet, positioned around your chest area, and this strip will measures your sleep time, as well as picking up metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement et cetera. However, considering how much someone could be tossing and turning during the course of his or her sleep, we’re not so sure how well it will work out. Continue reading

Hardcore POV Sci-fi Feature Film

If You Love FPS Games, You May Like This Dizzying 100% POV Sci-Fi Action Movie

First Person Shooter or FPS is not for everyone. Not because of the genre, but Point of View (POV) can sometime induce dizziness and even cause a person to throw up. So if you belong to that group, then Hardcore is probably not for you, but for everyone else who loves a little bit of first person sci-fi action, then look forward to the aforementioned flick coming to your way in 2015. Billed as the first ever action POV feature film, Hardcore is a sci-fi adventure movie starring South Africa producer, actor and director Sharito Copley (most notable for his role in Neil Blomkamp’s District 9) and created by BitingElbows‘s Ilya Naishuller who’ve made quite a sensation with his POV short film/music video Bad Motherf*#ker (clearly, NSFW. You’ve been warned) on YouTube. Continue reading

Fugu Luggage

Carry-on or Full-size Luggage? Fugu is Both in a One-piece, Expandable System

Frequent travelers have one thing in common: debating whether to bring a small suitcase like a carry-on, or a larger one that will need to be checked in. Carry-on is fine, so long as what’s inside remains the same throughout your trip, but you and I both know, it is kind of hard and more often than not, being conservative results in us buying another luggage to keep the excess. This is a problem that has been around for ages and surprisingly, there aren’t any real solutions to meet modern, globetrotters’ needs, until now. Meet Fugu Luggage. As its name implies, this travel suitcase is much like the marine counterpart it has taken name from: it is expandable. While it won’t blow up in size when provoke or senses danger, it can however, expand whenever you need the extra space and collapsed into to a handy, quick-getaway carry-on for short trips. Continue reading

Awata Ticino 3D Latte Foam Art Maker

Latte Foam Art Made Easy with Takara Tomy’s Awata Ticino

For aspiring barista who desire to create latte art that pops, Takara Tommy Art has just the right tool for you: the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker. 3D latter art is a big rage today, but pick up this intricate skills require quite a fair bit of training and the Awata Ticino 3D Latte Art Maker is here to make the process of getting your desired latte art easier. With it, you are free to sculpt whatever cute animals or anything that’s foamily possible over your cup of latte. The contraption is essentially a milk frother shaped like a handgun that creates latte must-have foam and allows you to ‘fire’ measured blobs of the foamed milk to shape into whatever comes to your mind. Continue reading

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