Hemingwrite Typewriter

Typewriter Lives Again, Adapted for 21st Century Writers with E-ink Display and Syncs to the Cloud

So you think word processor on a computer is the typewriter’s replacement? It was. Because writer who loves typewriter to work efficiently has to forego the cumbersome machine that had served our forefathers for decades. However, thing is set to change if the inventors of Hemingwrite Typewriter have their way. The funny thing is, this brilliant idea could not have materialized if not for the development of e-ink technology, which is what it uses in place of the eco-unfriendly papers and ink ribbons. So what exactly is the Hemingwrite Typewriter? Well, in simple terms, it is a typewriter for the 21st century. With the Hemingwrite, you get the usual mechanical keys with Cherry MX switches offering you the good’ol tactile feel, but in place of paper, roller, striker and ink ribbons, it has a 6-inch e-ink display boasting 300ppi that displays your input as you type along. Continue reading

J-Deite Quarter Transforming Robot

Japanese Inventors Created a Real Working Transformers Robot

Lesson of the day: Do not sneer at sci-fi movies no matter how ridiculous the ideas might be. Why? Because, it might just turned into reality in your lifetime. Such is the case with Transformers, which is widely considered as mechanically impossible, or is it? Maybe not. Japanese inventors Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec, respectively, have created a real working Transformers robot that can actually autonomously transform from a car to a robot and vice versa, albeit at a much, much slower rate and without the snazzy, complex mechanical-sounding noises when transforming, but hey, it is a good start, right? The coolest part is, it doesn’t just transform; It can actually walk and drive in their respective modes. Continue reading

Fou Lard Bacon Silk Scarf

You Can Wrap a Bacon Around Your Neck Without Getting Oily, Well, That’s If You’re Really Into Bacon

How big a fan are you of bacons? If your answer is insanely huge, well, then the Fou Lard Bacon Silk Scarf is the must-have fashion accessory for you. Designed by Natalie Luder, Fou Lard Bacon Silk Scarf is a clever play of words too. In French, “Foulard” essentially means “scarf”, which is what the product is, but when you separate the words into “fou” and “lard” as what the product is called, it means “Insane bacon”. That’s just some literacy information, which is as cool as (or as weird) as the product is. Made of 100 percent silk aka “Crèpe de Chine” (literally, fabric of China), digitally printed with photorealistic image of the ever delicious (but superbly sinful) bacon. Continue reading

Loewe Art TV Ultra HD TV

Loewe’s Entry Level Ultra HD TV, Art TV, Launches This December for £1,299+

After nearly becoming part of the luxury electronics’ history, German luxury TV maker Loewe is back and presenting the firm’s first 4K TVs at the IFA last month. For a company who experienced a “near-death” experience, time is a luxury it does not have and therefore, it is quick to make the first Ultra HD TV, the Art TV, official. Available in 40, 48 and 55-inch variations, the Art TV is Loewe entry level 4K TV that packs some serious tech features. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the Art TV also boast a rather usual claim of being the world’s fastest TV for switching between channels – made possible by its ‘Instant Channel Zapping’ technology. Continue reading

oBravo HAMT-1 High-end Headphones

This Hyper Audiophile Headphones is the World’s First Coaxial 2-Way Audio Cans and It Cost a Whopping $2,400

We are not sure what length hardcore audiophiles would go for a pair of finely crafted, sonically beautiful audio cans and by ‘length’ we meant to say the amount one’s willing to drop for a claimed (very) high-end headphone. If your answer is infinite amount, then perhaps you might be interested in this hyper audiophile cans, dubbed HAMT-1 from Taiwanese high-end audio equipment maker, oBravo. The HAMT-1 is the firm’s first foray into personal listening device that combines luxurious design and a unique two-way driver configuration for a game-changing sound. It has the honor of being the world’s first coaxial two-way headphones, featuring a unique and patented AMT (Air Motion Transformer) driver technology. Continue reading

Avitron Bionic Flying Bird - The Flying App

Next Generation Avitron Bionic Flying Bird Takes Flight Using Your Phone

Men has long dreamed of soaring like a bird, which thanks to the invention of aircraft, we did make that dream come true. The only thing is, we didn’t do so in machines with flapping wings. If for some reasons, you yearn to flap like a bird, then we supposed the Avitron Bionic Flying Bird is the closest you ever get to a wing-flapping flying contraption. Bionic Bird has a history dating more than 40 years back, when Van Ruymbeke family invented the first’s successful mechanical bird. Fast forward to late 90s, Edwin Van Ruymbeke, an aeronautic engineer by trade, reinvented it and turn it into a radio control bionic bird. Today, he and his team, has introduced another version, this time you can take control of this mechanical bird with your smartphone. Continue reading

REST Composure Charger Dock for Apple Watch

Another Classy Apple Watch Dock Up for Pre-order Even Before the Smartwatch Hits the Market

You must be thinking, isn’t it a little too early to commit to an accessory for a gadget that’s yet to be available? Well, yes and no. For those who already decided (mainly long time Apple fanatics, we would say) that Apple most personal device is going to be the one for them, then perhaps, it really doesn’t matter if they pre-order a beautiful dock like the REST Composure Charger Dock for Apple Watch or later. However, if you do so, REST will be guaranteed delivery within 45 days of the first deliveries of the Apple Watch. The REST Composure Charger Dock for Apple Watch is essentially a minimalistic wooden platform to rest your future Apple Watch. Continue reading

Bluesmart Bluetooth Suitcase

Bluesmart – Now Your Suitcase is Smarter Than You Think It Is

Suitcase designs have not quite evolved. Sure, you see some fancy ones that can take the torment of bull runs and stuff like that, but generally, they haven’t quite catch up with the connected world, have they? Actually, yes and it all starts with the Bluesmart Bluetooth Suitcase, the luggage that’s going to change how you look at carryon. It connects to your smartphone with a dedicated app which allows you to do loads of things, including digitally locking and unlocking it, set it to auto lock mode when it is separated from you, share access with your trusted one, and be notified when someone tries to open it. But what if you smartphone goes into the red? Well, that should be the least of your concern because Bluesmart’s built-in battery carries enough power to charge a typical smartphone six times over and supports charging of two devices simultaneously. Continue reading

Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins’ First Portable Bluetooth Speakers Promised Real Hi-Fi Sound in a Compact Package

Bowers & Wilkins may be late in the portable Bluetooth speakers game, but it is all for a good sonic cause. It might have taken a little more time to get the sound right and in this case, to reproduce real hi-fi sound out of the firms’s first portable Bluetooth speakers, T7. In order for the T7 to deliver high-fidelity audio in such a compact form, B&W employs an ingenious design called Micro Matrix, which is a honeycomb structure bracing system that surrounds the entire perimeter of the speaker lending it the stability and reduces vibrations. The advanced bracing is derived from the company’s reference 800 series Diamond speakers found in the legendary Abbey Road Studios and T7 has the honor of being the first commercial application of this technology. Continue reading

Goodwell & Company Open-source Toothbrush

Sustainable Toothbrush Comes with Option to Track Your Oral Activities

Changing toothbrush on regular basis is a first world problem and apparently, someone have had enough of this wastage which, according to Goodwell & Company, would see a person dumping 12 pounds of plastic toothbrushes in his or her lifetime and the population Earth on the whole can generate as much as 80 billion pounds of plastic waste. We don’t quite agree though, cos’ it is after all, a first world problem which means not all 7.1 billion folks on planet Earth shares the same frivolous treatment when it comes to toothbrush, if they even brushes at all. Still, we thought the proposed open-source toothbrush by Goodwell & Company could be a serious game changer in the oral care segment. The outfit views disposal oral care product like the toothbrush as “planned obsolescence” and has a grand plan to halt it, and the open-source toothbrush is their weapon of choice which happens to look pretty awesome too. Continue reading

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