LumiPocket DLP 3D Printer by Lumi Industries

LumiPocket 3D Printer Uses DLP Projector, Can Print Up to 3 Different Objects Simultaneously

If you haven’t had enough of 3D printers even with the influx of 3D printers coming onto the market since last year, then this yet another newcomer LumiPocket DLP 3D Printer by Lumi Industries might be of an interest to you. If the mere mention of “Lumi” rings a faint bell to you, that’s because it is from the same people who brought you the foldable 3D printer, LumiFold last year. This latest model builds on the success of the first and uses the same principle for its 3D printing process, which involves photosensitive resin that solidifies with light (in this, the light emitted by the DLP projector), but boast a tad larger build volume of 10 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height. By adjusting the overhead projector’s height (which is mounted to a tripod), you can vary the size of print from tiny objects like jewelry molds, up to the aforementioned size. Continue reading

Night Cable by Native Union

Night Cable Replaces Your Stock Smartphone Charging Cable, Promise to Never Slip Away

Unless you charge your smartphone via a desktop or laptop, chances are, you have experienced the frustration of slipping cables. There are quite a few solutions out there to counter this irksome problem, but those often involves sticking a cable holder of sort to your desk, or bedside table when you have the habit of juicing the device when you sleep. Wherever you choose to adhere that tiny little cable holder, it is never going to be a present sight. What if the “cable holder” is built into the charging cable itself and never have to stick to any surfaces? Well, folks, that’s exactly what the Night Cable by Native Union has to offer. It solves the nagging problem with a weighted knot which can be slid along the length of the cable to keep it from taking the plunge and also prevents strain that could potentially damage the cable. Continue reading

Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Camera

Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Cam Offers Multiple Modes of Recording, Including 360-degree ‘Globe’ Videoing

Humans are a weird bunch of creatures. Even though our vision already covers nearly 180-degree field of view, we wanted more. Obviously there is nothing much we can do about our natural eyes, but thanks to technological advancements, we are able to enjoy 360 degrees vision, albeit through a monitor or in the form of recording after the event, with video cameras such as this one from Kodak known as Kodak Pixpro SP360. It is an action camera that offers incredible 360 degrees recording through a 16-megapixel MOS sensor. Video quality maxes out at 1080p at 30fps, while still images are captured in 10-megapixel. It also boast features like 10fps burst shooting, WiFi connectivity for wirelessly hooking up with your mobile device (iOS or Android devices) for remote viewing and controls from up to 65 feet away, and NFC for quick pairing. Continue reading

Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Joins The Wrist-Worn Wearable Party with Cross-platform Fitness Tracker

We didn’t cover it, but there have been talks about it and now the first wearable tech from Redmond-based tech firm Microsoft finally goes official. Simply dubbed Microsoft Band, this piece of wrist-worn hardware brings with it a powerful feature not common among fitness trackers and that’s cross-platform capability, supporting major OSes like Android, iOS and of course, Microsoft’s very own Windows Phone OS. The latter, however, will extends Cortana reach to your wrist. So, it is kind of like a Dick Tracy thing, but Tracy‘s wearable does not benefits from ten sensors which the Band has. Speaking of sensors, it includes an optical heart rate sensor, UV monitor and more, to monitor and track anything from the heart rate to sleeping habit to stress levels. Continue reading

The First Hasselblad in Space: Hasselblad 500c

This Beautifully Worn Hasselblad is the First Hasselblad in Space and it is Set to Hit the Auction Block

Can’t get enough of actual space exploration memorabilia? Well, here’s another one that might appeal to camera collectors and Hasselblad fans alike: Hasselblad 500c, the first Hasselblad in space. Set to go under the hammer at an auction in Boston organized by RR Auction, this piece of the space exploration history also boast the first Carl Zeiss lens, the Planar 80mm f2.8 lens, in space and was fed with film magazine used to capture breathtaking images from space. The lot comprises of three parts: the camera body, the lens, as well as the film magazine. The camera with the Zeiss lens orbited the Earth with Wally Schirra on Mercury-Atlas 8, while the lens did its duty with both Schirra on Mercury-Atlas 8 and Gordon Cooper on Mercury-Atlas 9. The film magazine was used in a setup flown on the Mercury-Atlas 9 with late astronaut Gordon Cooper onboard. Continue reading

MSI GT80 Titan Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Laptop

MSI Announces The World’s First Gaming Laptop Outfitted with Mechanical Keyboard

Graphics is not the only factor affecting a gamer’s decision on whether to go for a portable or a desktop gaming rig. There is one other thing a desktop has to offer that laptop can’t: mechanical keyboard. For ages, desktop PC gamers have been enjoying the goodness brought about by mechanical keyboard, but for laptop users, they are pretty much relegated to what’s built into their portable, which obviously ain’t no mechanical stuff. Of course, you can always grab a separate mechanical keyboard if you’re that hardcore, but what if there is a gaming laptop that comes standard with mechanical keyboard? Sounds like an impossibility? Well, it is not, because that’s what MSI is proposing with the upcoming MSI GT80 Titan gaming laptop. Continue reading

Ambulance Drone by Alex Momont

Belgian Engineering Graduate Developed a Drone That Might One Day Save Your Life

It is good to know that there are folks out there who are thinking about other uses of drones for purposes other than sniffing out threat, delivering beer, pizza or other frivolous products. Late last month, we ran a news about DHL’s pilot program to deliver medication using a specially designed drone to Island of Juist in Germany, and today we stumble yet another aspiring development: the Ambulance Drone. The brainchild of Dutch-based Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, this six-rotor “ambulance” is not an ambulance per se, instead, it an autonomous flying defibrillator that could reach out to heart attack victims within life-saving minutes. Continue reading

HP Sprout 3D-scanning Personal Computer

HP Introduces 3D-scanning PC with Projected Second Screen, Heralds the New Era of Computing

HP used to be the brand name that leads the way in innovations, but somewhere along the 75 years in existence, they seem to have lost it. Now, it is set to get back on the innovation track, starting with this futuristic 3D-scanning PC with second projected screen called Sprout. Even the product name is a huge departure from the company’s usual naming practices, but beyond namesake, it is essentially a Windows 8 desktop PC (Windows 8.1 64, to be precise) that boast a dual-screen creative console with a built-in projector that will cast a second screen on a mousepad-like surface, a touch-enabled display and the said 3D scanner. Sprout falls under HP’s Blended Reality ecosystem with the aim to offer an advanced desktop computer with “immersive, natural user interface” that will provide users with a whole new computing experience. Continue reading

Oppo N3 Smartphone

Oppo N1 Successor, N3, Has a Motorized Swiveling 16MP Camera

Slightly over a year ago, Chinese handset maker Oppo wowed us with the world’s first swiveling camera smartphone and to be honest, we kind of swept it to the “novelty” category. Meaning we never thought it will go further than on the N1. I guess we were wrong, because the successor to last year’s flagship, dubbed N3, retains the same swiveling camera offering 206o of rotation, but this time it tops the megapixel race with a 16MP shooter paired to f2.2 lens and it is motorized. The latter is kind of a big deal. Why? Because it is a high-tech geeky feature, allowing to quickly flip the camera with a flick on the screen, or with the Touch Access (aka fingerprint scanner), or with the O-Click 2.0. Like its predecessor, the keychain-friendly O-Click 2.0 connects to your N3 via Bluetooth and also serves as a remote shutter, music controller, phone finder, and it can be used to take calls too. This part of the camera also gets a cosmetic tweak; it appears to dressed in fancy stitched leather, likely to be faux leather, though we can’t be sure if it so. Continue reading

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Green

Bang & Olufsen’s First Bluetooth Speaker Has Drivers On Both Sides, Packs Massive 180W

High-end audio companies have been sidestepping from Bluetooth streaming technology, but thanks to the promised of near CD-quality wireless streaming from the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology with aptX, we’re seeing mainstream premium audio maker Bower & Wilkins taking the plunge with the T7 and just days after, Bang & Olufsen also dishes out its own Bluetooth-enabled portable, dubbed BeoPlay A2. Of course, better streaming quality is not the sole determining factor; miniaturization of the components to achieve the sonic quality these premium audio companies are ever so obsessed with is another. Anyway, here it is, the Danish high-end audio equipment maker’s first ever Bluetooth speaker and it has a fair bit of features that differentiate itself from the horde of Bluetooth speakers, starting with the incorporation of drive units on both sides of the speaker. Continue reading

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