Powerslayer USB Charger Kit

Powerslayer Stops Power Wastage, Charges and Protects Your Device, While Looking Stunning

not that we wanted to, but as gadgets owners, we tend to leave our beloved electronics to charge and they just stays there even when they are already topped. we can’t possibly sit there and watch over them while they are charging, can we? this is where problem arises: though they are fully charged, the gadgets still face the risk of being overcharged, which also means power is also siphoned away without contributing to the already charged gadgets. while it may seems like a little “power leakage”, it can add to quite a lot over time and that’s not to mention, your devices faces the risk of being damage during a power surge during this time when it is plugged in. thankfully, there is the Powerslayer USB Charger Kit. this is not your typical USB charger. not just because it looks uber fashionable, but it is also an intelligent one. Continue reading

MatchStick Streaming Media Stick

Meet MatchStick, the First Firefox OS-based Streaming Media Stick

if you are looking for an alternative to Google’s Chromecast, then you might be in luck. MatchStick is the first Firefox OS-based streaming media stick, or adapter if you prefer, that do pretty much what you expect a streaming adapter allows you to do, including casting video, website, among other content from Firefox device, Chrome and other supported apps. so yes. it is a WiFi-connected stick that you plugs into any available HDMI port of your HDTV or HD monitor, letting you view contents on your glorious 105-inch TV – if you have one of those, or basically, anything that’s bigger than your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen. Continue reading

Gionee Elife S5.1 Smartphone

Gionee Elife S5.1 Recognized by Guinness As the Thinnest Smartphone in World, Measures 5.1mm Thin

with #bendgate making the round in the tech world, Chinese handset maker Gionee is quick to point out that their latest and thinnest Android handset, the Elife S5.1, won’t “bend in your jeans pocket.” quite a sense of humor there, don’t you think? or sarcasm, depending on how you look at it. anyways, the Elife S5.1 is so named 5.1 for its thickness, which stands at an incredible 5.1mm thin. if you think iPhone 6 is thin, then this would be seriously out-of-this-world and on top of that, it is officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the thinnest smartphone in the world, smashing its own record. on the spec-shit, it packs a decent punch, well, except for the display which comes as a 4.8-inch 720p Super AMOLED touchscreen touting 306ppi. Continue reading

Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms

Travel: Keio Plaza Hotel in Japan Collaborates with Sanrio to Offer Hello Kitty-themed Guest Rooms

what are the odds that readers of this blog are frequent visitors to Japan and loves Hello Kitty? we really don’t know. however, in case you are, then you might be thrilled that starting November 1st, 2014 Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo and Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will be offering Hello Kitty-themed guest rooms to keep your inner child happy. dubbed Hello Kitty Rooms, Keio Plaza Hotel collaborates with Sanrio Company to introduce two types of Hello Kitty Rooms: “Kitty Town” and “Princess Kitty”. November 1st marks the 40th year since the birth of the mouthless cartoon character and there is no better way then to pay homage to this kitty-that-is-not-actually-a-kitty-but-still-sort-of-a-kitty character with rooms decorated after it. yes. we call it ‘it’. Continue reading

Kahiko (Ancient One) Table by Ancientwood

This Table is Crafted from the World’s Oldest Workable Wood and It Can Be Yours for $100,000

before you tree-loving, environmentalists start protesting, the Kahiko (Ancient One) Table by Ancientwood is made from the world’s oldest workable wood. meaning the wood used was not logged. instead, only fallen Ancient Kauri trees, which the wood of this table hails, are removed from prehistoric bogs and used by Ancientwood to create its one-of-a-kind pieces. so quell your anger, folks. no live trees were harmed in the process, though we can’t say the same for the ground the workers trample on. the table measures 42 inches by 94 inches is the most unique and expensive tables ever created by Wisconsin-based studio. so what makes this table made from the conifer endemic to the North Island of New Zealand so special? Continue reading

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Racing Bike

Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R Looks Like a Bat Out of Hell

if you think you know every damn thing about Kawasaki motorbikes. think again. the Japanese bike maker’s latest Ninja, H2R, is decidedly very “un-Kawasaki”, much less a Ninja, and looks like a bike pulled straight from the pages of sci-fi script and it has wings too, well, winglets, actually. its supercharged in-line four motor is built around a trellis frame and as the model hinted, it is a track homologation of the ‘lesser’ street version, H2. as you would have expected from a bike bred for the track, it has fair amount carbon fiber in areas like the body, the dual-intake air duct that leads to the supercharger (even the air duct!) and possibly more parts then we have read. it has a single-sided swingarm and as a hint that it could be a bullet on the race track, it has a pair of winglets, flanking the sharp front end, that works to put some downforce at extreme speed. Continue reading

Jamstik Digital Guitar

Jamstik is a Half Size Digital Guitar Designed for Beginners and Music Creators, and Anyone In-between

fancy practicing your guitar shredding skills or perhaps, create music while on the move? well, this half-size digital guitar, known as Jamstik, might just be your cuppa. Jamstik not only takes guitar learning and music making into the digital age, but assimilate it into the mobile culture so you can do the things you love to do on-the-go. it is designed for iPad, iPhone and Mac machines, letting you practice your skills or make music using iOS apps or Mac applications. measuring a mere 16-inch long (around 40 centimeters) and tipping the scale at just 2 lbs 4 oz (a little over 1 kilogram), the Jamstik is as portable as a digital musical instrument can get. Continue reading

Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler

Play Host to Your Backyard Party, But Let This Remote Control Rover Cooler Do the Walking for You

everyone loves a party or two sometimes, but while organizing party is great, we can’t say the same to playing host. it kills your time when you could be chilling out on a float in the middle of your pool. with the Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler, you could use a little tech to help you serve the drinks around, while pumping out some tunes along the way. it comes with a remote control that lets you maneuver it like any radio control toy from over 100 feet away. the cooler itself has a 32-can capacity and boasts a roto-molded construction for impact resistance and durability, while foam insulation helps keep the ice last longer. additional features include LED headlights for low light navigation, built-in speaker system with MP3 cable for your music source, three-speed settings via remote, and the ability to roll across different terrains, thanks to its tall, SUV-like design complete with the obligatory large “sport” wheels. Continue reading

GoPro HERO4 Black 4K Action Cam

GoPro HERO4 Brings 4K Recording to Action Camera, Cost $499.99

when we first saw GoPro few years ago, we didn’t think this ‘non-aerodynamic’ action cam will make such an astounding impact in the world of action cam. fast forward today, not only did this now-iconic rectangular action cam defines what an action cam should be, it now brings eye-popping 4K recording into the action cam with its latest GoPro HERO4 Black action camera. just not too long ago, to record 4K video, you will need nothing less than a typical DSLR size equipment but, you can capture that same exhilarating image quality at 30fps with something that fits right in your pocket, which we can only describe as prodigious, and best of all, it cost just $499. in addition to cinema-quality videoing, the HERO4 Black also offers 2.7K videoing at 50fps, as well as 1080p at super fast 120fps that’s sure to put a smile on slow-mo enthusiasts. Continue reading

The Edible Spoon by Triangle Tree

Triangle Tree Wants You to Eat Your Spoon After Using It

if you eat takeout often, then you are guilty of contributing the hard-to-decomposed, non-biodegradable disposal plastic spoons. apparently, it takes at least 20 years for it to decomposed under “best conditions” or over 1,000 years in less-than-ideal conditions such as landfills. sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? disposable plastic spoons might be small, but they do adds up over time, unless you could eat the spoon after using it, then that would solve the problem. that’s exactly what Triangle Tree is proposing with The Edible Spoon. Edible Spoon is an utensil that you can consume after you have done using it. it doesn’t look too appetizing to us, though it does look like chips, only thicker and longer and with a bowl for scooping. Continue reading

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