carbon fiber cases aren’t new to world of fancy iPhone protection, but one that’s said to be made from a single sheet of carbon fiber and completely handcrafted really gets some attention. by now, we are all familiar with carbon fiber, a strong composite material that is put into good use in the automotive industry, which means it should give your precious iPhone ample protection and with the racer boy killer look – well, that’s if carbon fiber is really your kind of poison. apart from being handmade and crafted from a single sheet of carbon fiber, this 100% Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone is pretty much “just another iPhone case”, offering protection for the back, corners and sides of your phone, while allowing unrestricted access to all ports and buttons.

Carbonicum, the firm behind this awesome case, has brought it to Kickstarter seeking for 5 grand to help fund the development of the 100% Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone. if you wish to see this Carbon Fiber case becomes a reality, you can help by making a pledge of $35 for the iPhone 4/4S model, or $45 for the iPhone 5 model. both models will be available in matte or glossy finish. hit the jump for a pledge video and see how the case is made.

[UPDATE September 23, 2013] as of August 21, this project was suspended by Kickstarter. just thought we should let you in on this.

Kickstarter via Mashable

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