every time we head out to an outdoor adventure, we are always in constant fear of sudden downpour that could ruin whatever inside our bags and this fear is even more pronounce now that we always have at least two gadgets in it such as a smartphone and a digital camera. this is where the Korongo Waterproof Pack can help to alleviate that fear. made in the good’ol US of A, the Korongo Waterproof Pack is crafted from super heavy duty polyurethane and is fully submersible, and floats on water which makes it ideal for bringing it on your next kayaking or paddle boarding trip. it measures about 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch which should be roomy enough for most water-prohibited items like your compact digital camera, smartphone, GPS device and such (we took a quick gauge, and it should fit the iPad mini or smaller tablet too), and up front it has a MOLLE system that you could use to add MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories.

it is designed to attach to any tactical backpack, on a belt, or carried on its own using a shoulder strap. interestingly, the Korongo Waterproof Pack is made so water tight that you could even use it as water storage when on dry land. so you know you could also use the Korongo while out sand dune surfing in the Sahara or Gobi deserts. how’s that for versatility? the Korongo Waterproof Pack is set to be available by October for $210 a pop.

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