Has the mono color micro-sized jigsaw puzzle drove you bonkers yet? No? Well then, the 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle awaits. Designed by artist Clemens Habicht, this 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle may not have 1,000 colors per se, but it is sure at the same level of insanity like the all-black micro-sized puzzle. The difference is, this set will make for a beautiful wall art when you eventually complete it. The puzzle is printed with a lenticular lens to create an eye-catching iridescent radiance. This means, the colors change depending on the angle you see them. Dope! One Redditor provides an insight into what to expect from this pretty insane jigsaw puzzle:

“In case anyone is curious, it was definitely challenging but two things made it doable: first, the holo effect is made using lenticular imaging, which uses parallel tiny tubular lenses for lack of a better word so that you see the different colors at different angles, and that gives the entire surface a consistent grain which I could use to orient the pieces. Secondly, every piece was two colors, and along a gradient, so I could sort by the color pairs and find all the green/magenta pieces and separate them from the green/red or blue/yellow, etc.

I do not recommend gifting this to anyone who is colorblind unless they’ve wronged you in some extreme manner.”

1000 Changing Colors Jigsaw Puzzle

I am sure it is easier than the all-black micro-sized puzzle we saw a while back. As Redditor u/puzzlecolornerd pointed out, the fact that it does have colors, made it a tad easier if you inject some patience… less the person is color blind. Anyways, if you want one, you can pick up a set from Lamington Drive for $100, or you can save yourself some money by getting the non-color changing version on Amazon where we found to be selling at $47.97-$49.99. Obviously, the 1000 Changing Colors is better as an wall art, especially with lights hitting on it. Your call.

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Images: Clemens Habicht.

Source: Tools & Toys.

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