This is NOT a faithful replica of the Batmobile that appeared in Tim Burton 1989 Batman live-action movie. But it is one that you can own without having Bruce Wayne kind of wealth. However, at 22 feet long, it will not fit in a garage unless it is one like Jay Leno’s.

1965 Ford Batmobile Re-creation Bonhams Auction

This particular example started life as a 1965 Ford Mustang and it is believed to have been custom by Z Cars. The underpinning is a space frame chassis and the sculpted, all-too-curvy body is of fiberglass.

According to Bonhams, it actually weighs less than the original Mustang it was based on. Having that said, it should be a performer.

1965 Ford Batmobile Re-creation Bonhams Auction

Speaking of performance… while this 1965 Ford “Batmobile” Re-creation, as it is called, is not jet turbine-powered, its more “earthly” Chevrolet 5.7L small block V8 produces a healthy 380 ponies.

As a boon, unlike the movie’s Batmobile, this one may be road legal given that it has both number plates and indicators.

1965 Ford Batmobile Re-creation Bonhams Auction

The 1965 Ford “Batmobile” Re-creation is slated to go on the block at the Bonhams MPH March Auction on March 20, 2021, at 13:00 GMT. Sale is to be carried out at Bicester, Bicester Heritage. It is expected to fetch between £20,000 to £30,000, or around US$27,900-US$42,000. This is one Batmobile that does not require you to have Wayne’s wealth.

1965 Ford Batmobile Re-creation Bonhams Auction

Images: Bonhams.

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