Forget about binoculars. If you are curious about what airline passes overhead at twenty-thirty thousands feet on a bright, sunny day, all you need is a camera with around 200x zoom and your curiosity will be put to rest. Think what we said is yet another Internet hoax? To be honest, we thought so too, but then again, even a compact camera with 24-4000mm equivalent zoom can let you see the Moon’s pockmarks, there’s really nothing not possible with today’s optics technology. Take for example Korean YouTuber MichaelHrd’s video proved that reading the words, or identifying an aircraft passing at tens of thousands feet above, is totally possible.

Don’t believe? Just take a look at the now viral video to see it for yourself. As it turns out, MichaelHrd was not the only one who managed this seemingly impossible feat. A search on the Internet lands you with a bunch of others doing it. Given this immense optical power, curious kitties who have been wondering how an airplane contrails actually look like up close can also put their curiosity to rest because you can see it all, in breathtaking details that you would almost thought it is some CGI trickery. Though we are not sure if you will need a Nikon P900, like Natalie & Duncan Manowski did, to pull off the same details. Hey, we never said we are photography experts, did we?

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Here are the videos…

And finally, this one on contrails..

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

via PetaPixel

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