2011 Michelin Design Challenge – beauty and the weird

Uwall Lizard 544x350px
(image credit: Michelin)

for the past ten years, Michelin Design Challenge invites the design community to create their vision of future transport and as with most concept designs, things can get pretty crazy and weird. check out some images of our pick for the oddest and the weirdest after the break. these transports of the future was put before a panel of judges, and a chosen few was put on display at the recent American International Auto Show (NAIAS). lets just cut to the chase and view some awesome images of the vehicles that we would be using ten years from now or so i hope.
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VIERIA by Gunwoong Kim & Suji Kim (South Korea) 800x640px Uwall Lizard by Zhi Min Lin (China) 800x640px The Saddle by Attila Tari (Hypo-Design) (Hungary) 800x640px Supersonic by Marko Lukovic (Serbia) 800x640px Misha by Andrey Alekseev (Russia) 800x640px Mercedes Benz MGDS ELA 2011 by Mohammad Ghezel (MG Design Studio) (Iran) 800x640px Halcyon by Ralph Tayler-Webb (United Kingdom) 800x640px EALO by Sang-Jun Lee, Kyung-Kuk Kim & Seoung-Bin Lee (South Korea) 800x640px ATNMB by Mike & Maaike, Mike Simonian, Maaike Evers & Laure Garreau (USA) 800x640px Aiolos by Kyoung Soo Na (South Korea) 800x640px 2ice by Ramon Ramirez Perez (Mexico) 800x640px

Michelin Design Challenge via Gizmag

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