2012 Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System

2012 Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System
2012 Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System | US$549.99 | www.klipsch.com

although we love idea of simple sound system setup like the soundbar, it is nevertheless, a compromise to what a true home theater system should be. if given a choice and real estate is of no objection, a system like the fifth generation Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System would be the ideal setup. first off, it is not really bulky like some of the home theater-in-a-box setup in the market today and secondly, it is backed by a reputed audiophile-grade equipment maker, ensuring that you will be getting nothing but the best. we guess if the system is good enough, then we could overlook the cable clutter and deal with them at a later time. this latest Quintet offering from Klipsch features the renowned Tractrix horn technology, lightweight aluminum drivers, redesigned long-throw woofers, a new audiophile-grade crossover network, and lower-profile Quintet satellites and center channel speaker to match your slim high-definition TV set and blends in with your modern home decor. additionally, every piece of the Quintet system now comes enclosed in professional grade AcoustaComp composite materials for durability and its rock solid foundation eliminates any resonance issues. available in satin, brushed black finish, the Quintet is available now with a sticker of $549.99. click through for a few more look.

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