Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds Has A Moisture-Removing Charging Case

I admit. I am somewhat of a major sucker for beautiful gadgets and beautiful the Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds is to my eyes. Come on. How can anyone not thing it is not a pair of beautiful earbuds?

Klipsch To Reveal Its First True Wireless Earbuds At CES 2019

In addition to the smart sound bars you saw in the previous post, Klipsch is also slated to reveal a range of new in-ear headphones, including this one you see here: Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds, the company’s first true wireless audio earbuds. As with the sound bars, little is known about this little guy. […]

Klipsch Will Be Showing Off 5 New Smart Sound Bars At CES 2019

I guess Klipsch is having fun introducing voice assistant into its speakers. Following the Three with Google Assistant, it is set to reveal a few smart sound bars with Google Assistant and Alexa support. Not a lot of details are available. All we know now is, there are five sound bars with the options like […]

Klipsch Finally Catches On With The Smart Speaker Fad, Adds Google Assistant To The Three

Speakers are no longer mere speakers. Aside from good sounds and pretty aesthetics, they need to be smart to have the competitive edge. Such is what specialist audio equipment maker Klipsch realized, only. Understanding the current market fad, Klipsch has rolled out a new version of Three Heritage Wireless Speaker, bestowing it with Google Assistant […]

Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar Is A Super High-end, Customizable Sound Bar

If you are looking for a sound bar that packs a lot of punch and money is no object, well, then you may want to take a look at this impressive audio hardware from specialist audio equipment maker, Klipsch. Featuring furniture-grade wood veneer in a selection of finishes and a selection of grill colors, Klipsch […]

Klipsch KMC 3 Wireless Music System

fancy rocking to your favorite tunes as if you were in a live rock concert anywhere? with the new Klipsch KMC 3 Wireless Music System, you can do just that. in a world where we are met with tsunami of Bluetooth-enabled speakers, the Klipsch KMC 3 Wireless Music System stands out as one that has both…

Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones

despite the improvement in Bluetooth wireless technology, some still opt for wired solution for the ‘true sound’ or for others, mainly due to the fact that their media players are not Bluetooth-equipped. whatever the reason is, this pair of upcoming sport buds from audiophile equipment maker Klipsch takes on the con…

Klipsch Image X7i In-Ear Headphones

if you will agree with us, the personal audio market is choke full of overpriced plastic gears. i mean, you are paying like hundreds for a pair of tiny plastics and even though they may sound awesome but don’t you think you deserves more than just mere plastics? however, with the $199 Klipsch Image X7i In-Ear Headphones, ceramic is the material of choice instead of the usual…

2012 Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System

although we love idea of simple sound system setup like the soundbar, it is nevertheless, a compromise to what a true home theater system should be. if given a choice and real estate is of no objection, a system like the fifth generation Klipsch Quintet Home Theater System would be the ideal setup. first off, it is not really…

Klipsch HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar

you must be thinking: can sound bar can really be that good? we have heard first hand and we must say its performance certainly surprises us, especially so when it comes from a non-audiophile maker. therefore we suppose, a sound bar that has horn-loaded technology coming from a firm with rich audiophile and high-end audio history, such as the Klipsch…