Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones

Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones
Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth Headphones | US$149.99 | www.klipsch.com

Bluetooth technology is, in our humble opinion, a blessing in our ever cluttered life. i mean, having a bunch of clutter at home is one thing but when you are out and about, getting tangled by cords is an eternal frustration. how many times you got yourself tangled while trying to retrieve something from your bag? often, as we would imagine. the market is certainly not lacking of Bluetooth headphones to relieve us from this entangling woe but how many are backed by a reliable brand and yet, still won’t burn a hole in your wallet? again, not many. however, the Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – the first Bluetooth cans from long time audiophile-grade music gear maker, Klipsch – is set to change all that. costing just $149.99 a pair, this pair of BT cans features 40mm dynamic moving coil driver, Hi-Fi Bluetooth (A2DP plus Klipsch’s aptX) for lossless audio quality, a rechargeable battery pack that’s good for 10 hours of usage, pro-grade foam ear cups for the extra comfort and improved noise isolation, foldable design for ease of storage, direct connect audio cable for optional wired connection, integrated controls and microphone on earcup for music control and call functions, and an adjustable leather headband for custom fit and the extra touch of luxury. click on the above image for larger view.

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