Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones
Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones | US$129.99 | www.klipsch.com

despite the improvement in Bluetooth wireless technology, some still opt for wired solution for the ‘true sound’ or for others, mainly due to the fact that their media players are not Bluetooth-equipped. whatever the reason is, this pair of upcoming sport buds from audiophile equipment maker Klipsch takes on the conventional wired route, could be worthy of your consideration. the Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones sticks true to its purpose as a sport earbuds with features such as a moisture and sweat resistant construction, secure fit design that wraps around your ear, a customizable flex wire design that allows you to find your perfect fit and a durable, Kevlar Armored tangle-resistant cable to can withstand accidental pulls and snags. other highlights include 6.5mm high efficient micro drivers, a streamlined three-button remote with integrated microphone for controlling music and talking calls with your iDevice, built-in clothing clip further ensure that your lines stay put during your activity and patented oval ear tips. the appropriately colored (sporty green with gray accents) Klipsch Image A5i Sport In-Ear Headphones will be hitting the stores in January 2013 with a price tag of $129.99 each. catch a few more look after the break.

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