Well, what do you know? Tesla now has a wireless charging pad to sell you too. Actually, it is long overdue if you really think about it. I mean, it already has a power bank and a desktop supercharger, and having a wireless charging pad is a no-brainer for the tech company, right?

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Anyhoo, so yeah, here it is the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. Drawing inspiration from the Cybertruck, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform spots a super sleek angular design and metallic styling, and beneath the sleek look is a charging surface that supports up to 15W of fast charging per device for up to three devices simultaneously – powered by FreePower technology.

It has an aluminum exterior wrapped in premium Alcantara, and it comes with a detachable magnetic stand that lets you lay the charger flat or at an angle for better viewing. The wireless charging platform will work with any Qi-compatible devices, including smartphones and earbuds.

Also, Tesla said the gadgets can be placed anywhere on the surface. No precise alignment is required (me looking at my Samsung wireless charging pad with disdain as I typed that).

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

It has a USB-C cable integrated into the wireless charger, btw and comes supplied with a 65W USB-C power adapter.

As enticing as it sounds, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform does not come cheap. It will set you back at US$300 each. If you are keen, you may pre-order it now from shop.tesla.com. Shipping is expected to commence in February 2023. 

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Images: Tesla.

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