I admit. I am somewhat of a major sucker for beautiful gadgets and beautiful the Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds is to my eyes. Come on. How can anyone not thing it is not a pair of beautiful earbuds?

Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds

We can’t attest to the sound, but hey, it’s a Klipsch and therefore, sound quality is pretty much assured? No? Speaking of audio reproduction, it is delivered through custom 5 mm driver, featuring 3μm high-resolution diaphragm.

This pair of TWS also boasts “signal-boost antenna” to provide long-range, “best-in-class” Bluetooth 5 connectivity while 4 beamforming microphones ensure crystal-clear calls.

Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds comes with an 8-hour battery life per charge, with another 24 hours offered by the wireless charging case. The latter is decked out in carbon fiber finish with racing stripes in signature McLaren Papaya Orange and that is absolutely lovely, IMHO.

Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds

Interestingly, Klipsch is throwing in a wireless charging pad with this particular model. This McLaren co-branded TWS further is a built as a “sport” buds and as such it boasts an interesting design feature in its charging case.

The charging case has a moisture-removal system built into it that ensures your earphones stay dry the next time you need it.

A couple of highlights include a transparent mode for outside noise pass-through and an IP67 rated construction for both the earphones and the charging case.

Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds

Each pair of TWS also comes with six pairs of patented, color-coded oval ear tips in multiple sizes for custom fit, a pair of pressure-relief memory foam ear tips for extra grip and 3 pairs of snug-fit ear wings for an even secure staying power. Plus, there’s a special edition brand book and a serialized metal card of authenticity.

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Klipsch x McLaren T5II True Wireless Earbuds is now available for pre-order, priced at US$249, with shipping expected happen around August 10.

Images: Klipsch.

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