you must be thinking: who in the world would be in the right mind, zips around town in a big truck? if former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can, why can’t you? unless you are in South East Asia, namely Singapore and Malaysia, chances are you probably can if you have a blank cheque ready to be signed. but then why should you drive a hulking 2014 Mercedes-Benz Unimog (US$tba) down the street? well, that’s because you can and massive presence is what you crave for. slated to roll off the production line this September, the new iteration of Unimog receives a brand new look and engines to go with it. on top of that, you will get to choose from a selection of ten models. with seven engine options and ten models on the menu, we can’t see why there isn’t one for you. in fact, if you are still hankering over an imminent apocalypse, you should be getting one and arm it to the teeth in case of any disasters.

the seven engines offered has rated power output that ranges from 156 horsepower through to 354 horsepower with the entry and top spec models being equipped with BlueEfficiency Power engines. the latter being a 7.7-liter beast, turning out a massive 885 lb-ft or about 1199 Nm of torque. other key features include newly designed panoramic cabs, new work and power hydraulics systems, synergetic traction drive that allows for changing from manual to hydrostatic transmission while on the move, new multifunction steering wheel with adjustable steering column, and better heating and cooling with improved airflow. even though this rugged machine is set to be available this year, there’s still no word on their indicative prices. some may not agreeable with the Unimog’s look, but we are all for it and for that, we have prepared a gallery of images for like-minded folks to enjoy, which you can find below.

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