if the hefty price tag of a digital recording binoculars proves too much for your wallet, then the Snapzoom might be a more financially sensible alternative. in a nutshell, Snapzoom is a universal smartphone scope adapter that lets you turn an optical scope, be it a dual or single eyepiece scope, into a smartphone’s accessory lens. the magnification offered is pretty much only limited by the power of the scope you use. take for example if you have a smartphone with Snapzoom mounted to a Canon 18×50 IS binoculars, you will be rewarded with 18x magnification and field of view. it may not have tracking functionality like a full-fledge digital optical devices have, but nevertheless, it is sure a dream come true for budget-conscious, amateur wildlife spotters or any avid smartphone photographers.

the best part about the Snapzoom is, it is one accessory that’s designed to fit most smartphones (even the humongous Samsung GALAXY Note II), with or without a case. so there’s worry about switching phone makes or whatsoever, and certainly a huge boon to those who has more than one make of handsets. the Snapzoom universal smartphone scope adapter is presently on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, seeking your support to make this awesome accessory a reality. as with any crowdfunding projects, you can secure yours by making a pledge and in this case, it would cost you $70 to do so. of course, this price is not including any magnifying optical device, which you have to provide your own.

Kickstarter via CNET Asia

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