according to Oxford dictionary, the word Bohemian refers to “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts” and such is what the Bohemian Oil Can Guitars are. though it is not a ‘person’ per say, it is without doubt every bit of unconventional and if you haven’t already realized, these are the six strings musical instrument fashioned out of oil cans and lunch boxes. ok, maybe the latter is not as clearly implied but anyway, these are guitars that will sure to make everyone stand up and take notice, and that’s not to mention the unique rustic music twang these guys offer when you strike the chords.

the Bohemian Guitars are divided into two series – the Boho and the Vintage series – with the former featuring brand new oil cans with new parts made by the dudes at Bohemian Guitars (hence, the Bohemian-branded oil cans), while the latter are made from antique oil cans or lunch boxes, along with parts from used instruments. as such, no two Vintage series oil can guitar will be alike. we have seen our fair share of out-of-this-world guitars, but this babies here really takes the cake. the Boho series is up for pre-order and cost $299.99 each, while the Vintage series is available immediately with prices from $250 and up.

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Bohemian Oil Can Guitars - Vintage Series

Bohemian Guitars via Uncrate

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