Commodore 64 Computer In Poland Auto Repair Shop

Reading news like this often prompt us think that modern technology is not superior from the old apart from being faster. For some reason, new gadgets are never made to last. Intentionally or not, we don’t know. Anyways, that’s some conspiracy shit we shall not stick our fingers into. Anywho, the Commodore 64 you see here is apparently twenty five freaking year-old and amazingly, it is still functioning and used as a daily workhorse in an auto repair shop at Gdansk, Poland. Oh look, it has the good’ol 5 1/4-inch floppy drive too! And monochromatic monitor! Now, that thing right there is a real ancient tech, boys and girls.

Also, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for eternity. So, could that no-cleaning be secret of its longevity? Or perhaps it was because it is used for balancing driveshafts only? Or the obvious fact that it isn’t used for needless things like the Internet, Facebook and such? Perhaps. Anywho, according to Commodore USA’s Facebook page, this particular example “has been working non-stop for over 25 years” and even surviving a flood. Guess the water did not get to it. No?

I probably could try to do the same with the late 2009 iMac I am currently using to type this. Obviously, my situation is totally different from this Poland workshop and I should totally avoid modern websites with fancy codings. Thank goodness Flash is dying. Maybe I will have a shot. So, guys, wait for the news of “old man uses 25 year-old iMac to write irrelevant blog posts!” to surface in 2034. Just wait for it. It’s only another 18 years to go.

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Image: Bartek Gatz/Commodore USA.

via Sploid