Unusual Soccer Pitch in Thailand by AP Thailand

In effort to address modern day youth problems such as gang and such, Thailand property developer AP and advertising agency CJ Worx worked together to realize soccer pitches within the limited space in a packed community of Khlong Toei, located at heart of the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. The goal is to provide a wholesome activity which the youth in this densely occupied area will have an outlet to expend their energy and hopefully, distract them from turning astray. And what’s better than dropping a few soccer pitches within the neighborhood, since soccer, or football as some may call it, is a big thing in Asia?

Not only sports can help to take the youth’s mind off undesirable activities, it can, like gaming and other group-level activities, help to foster friendship and camaraderie. While creating soccer pitches are not something unsurmountable, space constraints in Khlong Toei posed a challenge. Yes, Khlong Toei does have spaces, but unfortunately, what’s left are anything but rectangular as required by soccer field. In a light bulb moment, the team decided to challenge the status quo and build soccer pitches to conform to the spaces available, and the result, is a project called “The Unusual Football Field.”

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As you can see in the video below, several soccer pitches are created and they are all but rectangular, which is kind of refreshing, really. Anyways, who cares if the pitches aren’t rectangular as long as they free of trash, have the requisite markings and goal posts, and perhaps more importantly, usable? Go ahead check out the video and witness the making of the “The Unusual Football Field.”

Image: screengrab via YouTube video.

YouTube via designboom