Twinkling Stars Skirt by ThinkGeek

Incorporating LED lights into apparels is not new, but so far, those things are either runway pieces or DIY stuff which, for the latter, is not everyone’s forte. However, if you want one, there’s a straightforward solution coming from ThinkGeek called Twinkling Stars Skirt. Twinkling Stars Skirt is, as the name implies, a skirt with stars that actually twinkles like the night sky. Based on actual star chart (there’s no mention which star chart though), it boasts over 250 LEDs which you have complete liberty to turn it on, set it to twinkle, or switch it off. When it is off, the star chart pattern still shows as print, but we’d suggest you turn it to twinkle cos’ that’s what this midi-length skirt is all about.

The skirt also touts a 3-layer construction, including a see-thru constellation layer, a white gauze layer, and a white liner. Costing $59.99 a pop, Twinkling Stars Skirt comes with everything you need to get the shimmering skirt going and speaking of get going, yes, you do need to roll up your sleeve as it does require assembly but judging from the video, the process should be a straight forward one. And that leads to an important information with regards to the electronics: they will need to be removed before you dump the skirt into the machine for a cold wash and also, line dry only, but the former is really a no brainer, though we just thought it will be better to clear the air.

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Anywho, ladies who are looking to turn heads, or simply to brighten your wardrobe, the Twinkling Stars Skirt is really worth considering. Assembly video after the break.

Images: ThinkGeek.

via Laughing Squid