Usually, when a business is asked to relocate, it will have to source for new building to run the business or build one from the ground up, but not in the case with this particular establishment in China. The 5-storey building you see cruising down the Yangtze River is actually a floating restaurant (5-storey is one hell of a floating restaurant, isn’t it?). According to a report, the restaurant was “forced to relocate due to unknown reasons.”

While it may be a floating restaurant, it ain’t a boat and therefore, as you can see in the video below, it had to be pushed by a pair of boats to the new location. In process, someone capture a video of it making its way along the longest river in China. So, no. It is not a building washed away by flood or something. That would be terrible. I am not going to lie. I initially thought it was the case. Come to think of it, how the heck the designer make a 5-storey build float with so little hull is pretty mind-boggling. Skip ahead for the said video.

Image: YouTube.

Source: asiaone.

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