7 Things You MUST Get If Going On Vacation This Year

After two years of strict social distancing and being cooped up inside, everyone is excited to travel and relax this year. The summer season has everyone packing their bags and heading off to enjoy the holidays. But before you set out to celebrate the summer with your friends and family, make sure you’re adequately prepared.

7 Things You MUST Get If Going On Vacation This Year
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While it’s not recommended to spend a lot on buying items for the vacation instead of on the vacation itself, there are certain essentials you must get before you set out on your journey. We’ve compiled a list of must-have items for your vacation this year.

1.   Hats And Sunglasses

Unless you’re planning to vacation in the frozen peaks, you’re going to need hats and sunglasses. You’ll even need glasses even in the snow-capped mountains. With rising temperatures worldwide, experts have predicted that this year will be much hotter. So to stay safe in the sun and avoid getting burned, you must buy some wide-brimmed, floppy sun hats or light-colored baseball caps, so the sunlight doesn’t directly hit your face.

For adventure enthusiasts, sunglasses offering maximum protection from the ultraviolet rays and surrounding elements are essential. Both the glasses and hat should be a travel-friendly size that you can carry in your bag.

7 Things You MUST Get If Going On Vacation This Year
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2.   Sunscreen

Another must-have for sun protection is a high SPF Sunscreen. If you’re traveling to sunny places and planning to explore the outdoors, hang out at the beach or sunbathe at the poolside, your skin will need protection. Try finding one that offers UVA and UVB protection.

Make sure you get a zinc-based Sunscreen if you’re planning to spend more time at the beach. One should never compromise on healthy skin. After all, it’s your vacation that will get ruined if you suffer from sunburns. Make sure you stock up on your favorite brands or buy the biggest ones, so you don’t run out.

3.   Reusable Water Bottle

While it’s possible to buy water bottles anywhere, it’s better to get an eco-friendly reusable one for your travels. Many options in the market can keep water warm or cold for hours, depending on your need. Staying hydrated is necessary while vacationing, so always carry your bottle whether you’re getting on a plane, going for a hike, or lounging at the beach.

This way, you will save money and will be able to fill up your bottle from public fountains instead of having to buy a bottle every time you’re thirsty.

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4.   Lightweight Suitcase

Seasoned travelers will tell you that modern and lightweight luggage is necessary for a long and hassle-free vacation. Now would be the right time to go for a new piece of luggage and make your travels easier. Invest in a water-resistant, strong spinner carry-on so your stuff stays safe when it’s subjected to rough handling at airports, bus terminals, or hotels by staff.

Your carry-on should be spacious and have enough compartments to accommodate all your necessary items. The latest models even have built-in batteries and USB ports for charging your phone.

5.   Mini Emergency And First Aid Kit

Never make the mistake of underestimating the importance of an emergency kit. Wherever you may be planning to go for the vacation, make sure you buy a kit that contains all the necessary emergency items. These kits usually contain band-aids, thread and needles, a thermometer, eye drops, safety pins, adhesive bandages, wet wipes, antiseptic, sanitizer, dental floss, tampons, sanitary towels, a mini torch, elastic wraps, scissors, and tweezers. Besides the tools, these also contain medication including pain relievers, antihistamines, antacids, water purification tablets, and antibacterial ointments.

Buying all these separately will be a great hassle, so it’s better to invest in a ready-made kit.

6.   Waterproof Phone Pouch

It doesn’t matter where you’re vacationing, keeping your phone safe from the environment is a necessity in the mountains, in cabins in the woods, and in beach towns. Therefore, you must buy universal water and dust-proof phone pouch. You can’t afford to have your phone die because water got in it; after all, you need it to stay on the grid, take photos, and have your contacts for emergencies on hand.

A phone pouch will keep it safe; you can use it near the water or even inside the water to capture the underwater view. And you can quit worrying about the natural elements damaging it.

7.    Packing Cubes

Your luggage might have enough compartments, but getting some organizing cubes will make your life much easier. These will make more room, and you can just chuck one type of item in one cube.

Most of these are water-resistant and will keep your stuff safe, and the transparent or mesh fronts will make it easier to see what’s inside each cube. This way, instead of having to sift through the entire luggage for your watch, you can just open the cube containing your accessories and save yourself time and trouble.

7 Things You MUST Get If Going On Vacation This Year
Image credit: Pexels (Ivan Samkov).

Make a checklist of all the important things you will need before you start packing, and don’t forget to add these seven items to it. This way you won’t forget anything and will be well prepared to handle any emergency that might potentially ruin your relaxing vacation. With some planning, you can rest assured you’ll have a pleasant and hassle-free holiday!

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