The Official Formula One Books

The Official Formula 1 Books
(photos: Formula 1) Official Formula One Books | from £30.00 |

your passion for certain things in life is never complete without a collection of the relating literature. this is especially true when we talked about the most iconic and prestigious motorsports event in the world that spans for more than six decades now: the Formula One championship. whether you are collecting these literatures as memorabilia, coffee table books or simply filling up your own Formula One room of fame, these books from the official F1 store will definitely fill the void that has remain till now. the collection includes the photography books ‘The Golden Age of Formula 1’ and ‘Formula 1 World Champions’, both featuring superb images as seen through the lens of veteran motorsports photographer Rainer W. Schlegelmilch, and ‘The Treasures of Formula One’ that narrates the history of the prestigious motor racing event with special features on memorable races, teams and drivers, along with photographs and removable items of facsimile memorabilia from the Donington Grand Prix Collection. the Official Formula One Books are now available from the official F1 online store with a starting price of £30 (about US$47).

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